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How to use Hexapeptide Solution Kepu Bio?

Hexapeptide Solution is a good anti-aging stock solution with obvious anti-wrinkle effect. It is a product that many beginners like very much. So what are the steps for using hexapeptide stock solution?

Steps to use the hexapeptide anti-wrinkle stock solution

Before using the hexapeptide anti-wrinkle stock solution, you first need to remove makeup, thoroughly clean the face, and then use the toner appropriately. After waiting for the skin to fully absorb the toner, you can then use the hexapeptide stock solution.

It should be noted that the product cannot be directly dripped on the palm of your hand, but you should take one or two drops on the cheeks each time, then gently apply it evenly with your fingertips, and massage it for a while, the absorption effect will be better.

After the hexapeptide stock solution is fully absorbed by the skin, you can use a lotion or cream to continue the following series of skin care work.

How long does the hexapeptide stock solution take to take effect

Generally speaking, if you apply hexapeptide products, you need a metabolic cycle, that is, it takes about 28 days for this effective cycle. For some very fine wrinkles, the effect is also very fast, and for some deep wrinkles, it takes a long use cycle to get good relief.

How to use the hexapeptide stock solution for good effect

1. Before use, you should do a good job of basic skin cleaning, which can clean up the harmful things such as garbage on the surface of the skin, and also open the pores, so that you can better absorb the nutrients.

2. Before using this product, you also need to use toner, then take an appropriate amount of product and apply it evenly to the face, and then gently massage it in circles with your fingertips to help it absorb normally.

3. Finally, you need to use a cream. The cream can help the skin firmly lock in these moisture.

How is the effect of hexapeptide stock solution?

The wrinkle removal effect of hexapeptide stock solution is more obvious. It can reduce the power of muscle contraction, relax the muscles, reduce the occurrence of dynamic lines and eliminate fine lines; effectively reorganize the elasticity of collagen, which can increase the activity of elastin, smooth wrinkles and improve relaxation. Hexapeptide is actually a type of botulinum toxin, which is now widely used as an ingredient in skin care products in some serums, stock solutions, ampoules and other products. The reason why hexapeptide is becoming more and more popular with consumers is that it has been proven to effectively smooth dynamic lines, expression lines, etc.

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