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What skin care products do you use for dark skin?

Natural dark skin can use skin care products with whitening ingredients, but the skin is easier to dry after using whitening products, because whitening skin care products can accelerate the metabolism of the skin, so as to achieve the effect of whitening, so the skin is easy to dry after use. It is best to use whitening with moisturizing and moisturizing skin care products. Moisturizing and moisturizing is a compulsory course for whitening. Only by doing a good job of basic moisturizing and moisturizing can you truly whiten, so you must take into account moisturizing while whitening.

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Wowo skin care method is wrong, be careful to get darker and darker?

1. The oil content of the product is too large, which will cause an illusion after use. The skin is dark and oily.

2. There is a problem with some product ingredients.

3. Excessive use of exfoliating products also leads to dark complexion.

4. There is no isolation before makeup. The makeup remover is not thorough enough, which will lead to blackening and easy to grow spots.

5. Health and endocrine problems.

Why is the skin care getting darker and darker every day?

Because there may be too much melanin. If your skin has a lot of melanin, how white can you be? Or sunscreen is not done properly. In addition to applying sunscreen at ordinary times, physical sunscreen is also very important. In addition, it is necessary to abolish the old keratin. If the keratin ages normally, and we do not clean the skin in time, it will also hinder the replenishment of new keratin. Therefore, it will be darker.

Does the blackening of skin care products by igniting prove that the cosmetics are not good?


Most ingredients in skin care products are organic substances. These organic substances include carbohydrates and amino acids. After heating, the oil softens, and the skin care products become milky. Bubbling means that the water is evaporating. The black residue indicates that the organic matter in the skin care products is not fully burned, or contains impurities, and there are also residues after the food is burned. This does not mean that the quality of the skin care products is good or bad, but still depends on the ingredients of the skin care products.

The chemical composition of cosmetics is very complex, and it is very different, with different pertinence and functions. Therefore, it is not possible to distinguish the quality and authenticity by simple methods. It is best to choose reliable channels and products that suit your skin.

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