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What skin care products do sebaceous glands use to secrete too much oil?

1. Facial cleanser

sebaceous filaments skin care routine

Oily skin Because the skin secretes more oil than the average person, it is necessary to choose some products with strong cleaning ability. Usually you need to choose some soap products.

2. Moisturizing lotion

For oily skin, you should choose a water emulsion or gel-like body lotion, which is enough to replenish only water.

3. Night essence

Recommended essence contains geranium: it can balance oil secretion and is very helpful for caring for oil in the T-shaped area.

Tea tree, rose grass: It can regulate the unbalanced oil secretion, which can moisturize and reduce inflammation.

4. Exfoliating cream

Exfoliate once or twice a week. The keratinocytes of oily skin metabolize quickly, which is easy to cause keratin accumulation and needs to be cleaned up in time.

What skin care products are used for strong skin fat secretion?

Cleansing products: Choose gentle cleansing products that can remove excess oil and dirt without irritating the skin. It is recommended to choose cleansing products containing salicylic acid, tea tree essential oil and other ingredients, which can help control oil secretion and reduce inflammation and sterilization.

Toner: Choose a toner that contains ingredients that shrink pores and control oil secretion, which can help shrink pores, control oil secretion, and keep your skin refreshed.

Acne skin care sequence?

Step 1: Empty pores Gentle exfoliation

Use a granular and delicate scrub product to clean the uneven cuticle. Just apply the exfoliation product to the surface of the skin under gentle pressure, and then massage gently in circles.

Step 2: Seasonal skin care cleansing products make a big difference

Summer is suitable for foam facial cleanser with strong oil and sweat removal. Autumn is suitable for moisturizing creamy facial cleanser.

Step 3: Moisturizing lotion opens moisture channels for small cells

After washing your face, use lotion to open moisture channels. To improve skin hydration, first apply the introductory lotion, wrap your cheeks with your palms, and gently press your skin to help absorb. Then use the high-skill lotion and pat it lightly to make the absorption more complete.

Step 4: Moisturizing lotion is soft

A soft and soothing lotion that can help the skin restore the best state of hair, water and oil balance. The formula of the lotion is most similar to the sebaceous film of the skin itself. It can penetrate into the deep layer of the dry and rough skin epidermis, condition the skin texture, and make the skin feel like it is reborn. Make the skin surface moist and smooth.

Step 5: Enriching Cream Prevents Moisture Loss

For skin desertification, the cream can be said to moisturize nutrients and seal the inside of the skin to prevent moisture loss. The dense beauty ingredients in the cream can also send nutrients to the deep layers of the skin, so that the cells are closely arranged, and each cell is filled with moisture. Make it difficult for external stimuli to invade.

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