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What skin care products can I buy in the Philippines?

I also studied in the Philippines. I brought a few sets of sunscreen when I first went, but after two years, I only used one bottle. Although the Philippines is hot and the sun is bright, it is not toxic. Not only did I not tan, but I also turned white. So I don’t need to bring a lot of sunscreen. The masks here are not good. If you are used to making masks, unless you can make natural masks, I suggest you bring more. The water here is not very good. Take some drug-taking masks to remove yellow. Facial cleanser, there are Nivea, Olay, Pond’s, CLEAN-CLEAR, WHITE, Avon, Amway. Most of them are cheaper than domestic ones. But it is not recommended that you buy Pond’s, because the cosmetics in the Philippines like to add alcohol. Pond’s has it in it. I usually use Avon, Amway and Olay. Be sure to bring lip balm!!! The weather is so dry. If you wear makeup, you must bring it from China. The cosmetics here are not suitable for Chinese people. Johnson

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