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What skin care products belong to creams?

Creams refer to two skin care products, lotions and creams. Usually, if these two skin care products are said side by side, they will be simplified into creams. Similar to water creams, it refers to makeup water, lotions, and creams. The functions of lotions and creams are basically similar. They are both used to moisturize the skin, lock in moisture in the skin, and moisturize the skin for a long time. The difference is that the texture of the lotion is lighter and the skin is easier to absorb, while the cream is slightly thicker and has a better effect of locking water.

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In the process of skin care, it is not only necessary to lock in water, but also need to replenish water, so before the cream, you need to use lotion, etc., to replenish moisture for the skin. The method and steps of use are as follows:

1. Lotion. After cleansing, use lotion to replenish moisture for the skin and restore the acid-base balance on the surface of the skin. The lotion can be wiped with a cotton pad or applied directly.

2. Essence. Essence is the most targeted step in the skin care process. Choose the appropriate essence product according to your skin care needs. Apply the essence evenly to the skin, pat or massage in circles to promote skin absorption.

3. Cream. Apply an appropriate amount of cream to the forehead, cheeks, chin, and nose. Push the cream from the inside out and apply evenly. If the skin is oily, only one lotion and cream can be used.

Difference between skin cream and face cream?

Skin cream and face cream are two different products. Although they both have emollient effects, they have some differences in texture, how to use them, and how to adapt to the crowd.

Skin cream is usually a heavier lotion-like product with a higher oil content, suitable for dry, dehydrated skin types. It can provide deeper moisturizing and moisturizing, and it works better in cold and dry seasons. However, for oily or combination skin, too much oil can make the skin more oily and prone to clogging pores.

Creams are more refreshing than skin creams, contain relatively less oil ingredients, and focus more on providing the nutrients and moisturizing the skin needs. Therefore, they are suitable for all skin types and can be used for daily maintenance and pre-makeup primers.

In addition to the difference in texture, there are also some differences in the method of use between the two. Usually, skin creams need to be used at night and gently massaged on the face after cleansing. Creams can be used in the morning and evening, and can be gently applied to the face to avoid excessive pulling on the skin.

Different people are also suitable for using different products. Skin creams are usually suitable for people who are older, have dry skin, are dehydrated, and have a dry environment. Creams are more suitable for people who are younger, have normal skin or are oily.

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