Weight management

What should I do if my dog’s weight is not up to standard?

1. Provide high-fat, high-protein or high-fiber foods

dog weight management treatments

Feeding high-protein and high-fat foods to dogs can help dogs gain weight within a few weeks. The most common way is to increase the meat content of dog food. Of course, if you don’t want to add too much meat to your diet, you can also choose high-fiber vegetables such as pumpkin and sweet potatoes instead. When first feeding dogs, it is best for owners to mix a small amount of new food with old food in a ratio of 1:9 to avoid stomach upset.

2. Creating a new feeding schedule

Eating late at night is not an activity worth promoting, because eating before bed is likely to store nutrients in the form of fat. But using this logic, we may be able to help dogs gain weight. Owners can adjust the amount of food their dogs eat in the morning and evening, reduce the amount of feeding in the morning, and increase the amount of feeding in the evening, which can help dogs store fat and gain weight.

Of course, you can also consider adding meals to your dog, from two meals a day to three to four meals, to provide nutrition throughout the day.

3. Proper exercise

Some people may think that the word exercise should be linked to weight loss, but in fact, dogs also need to exercise during the weight gain process. A large part of a healthy dog’s weight should be muscle rather than fat. Regular exercise combined with a high-protein and high-fat diet can help your dog gain weight in a relatively healthy way.

Pregnancy and the early recovery of a serious illness are critical periods for supplementing nutrition. Compared with making up for it after finding that the dog is too light, it is more beneficial to the dog’s health to do nutritional supplementation before then. Therefore, owners should pay attention to supplementing nutrition to their dogs on weekdays.

How do you weigh your dog?

Weighing a dog is actually not an easy task, because some dogs will not cooperate with you to climb on that small electronic scale at all. It may be easier for small dogs to measure their weight, but it is relatively troublesome for large dogs, so let’s talk about how to weigh a dog.

For small dogs, we can directly put them on the electronic scale for weighing. If they want to come down, you can put a toy they are interested in on the scale to attract their attention. The weighing of large dogs may be more troublesome, not to mention whether they are suitable for us to weigh, some scales cannot accommodate their bodies at all, so the weight error is relatively large.

So how should we weigh? If the owner is stronger, you can weigh yourself first, and then hold your dog and weigh it together. Remember not to move during the period, because this will affect the real weight of the dog, and then cut the weight of the two to get the weight of the dog. Although there may be some errors in this result, this is the easiest and most effective method besides finding a large scale.

Therefore, when weighing a large dog, unless there is a large enough scale, the results will have a certain error, but this will not have much impact, because the deviation caused by weighing the dog with the above method is not very large, so the impact on the dog is almost negligible.

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