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What should I do if I have scars on my face?

To remove scars on my face, the best way is to have laser cosmetic surgery. In addition, you can also use cosmetics, skin care products, etc. for skin repair to remove scars. If the scars are not too heavy, you can try to use freckle cream to help reduce the appearance of scars. At the same time, it can also increase blood circulation and promote skin cell regeneration, which helps to improve scars.

best skin care routine for scars

It is recommended to use essential oils regularly to soothe the skin, adjust skin texture, promote skin cell regeneration, and reduce the impact of scars.

How to apply makeup for sunken scars on your face?

Regarding this issue, the following makeup methods can be used for sunken scars on your face:

1. Use Concealer: Choose a concealer with good concealer effect, gently apply it to the scar, and then apply it evenly with a sponge until the scar is completely covered.

2. Use Liquid Foundation: Choose the same foundation as the skin tone and gently apply it to the entire face. Pay attention to applying it several times to the scar to make it blend with the surrounding skin.

3. Use Pre-Makeup Primer: Using pre-makeup primer products can fill in sunken scars and make the skin smoother. At the same time, it can also enhance the staying power of the foundation.

4. Use Contour Powder: Using contour powder on the scar can make the skin at the scar look more three-dimensional, and at the same time, it can also make the color of the scar more natural.

In conclusion, makeup can help reduce the impact of sunken scars, but it is recommended to use skin care products before makeup to keep skin healthy and avoid aggravating scars.

What can be covered by scar stickers on the face?

Foundation, concealer and loose powder can all cover scars on the face. Because covering scars on the face is mainly modified by cosmetics, and foundation, concealer and loose powder are the three most basic tools in the cosmetic case, which can be used to cover imperfect skin such as scars, bean marks and freckles. The specific use method can be selected and adjusted according to the degree and location of scars. It should be reminded that using cosmetics to cover scars is only a temporary measure, and skin maintenance and treatment are also required to achieve a better covering effect.

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