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What should employees do in the performance appraisal at the end of the year to get more bonuses?

Performance is a baton, as an engine for guiding the direction, guiding employees in the direction required by the enterprise, and the more important core is to ensure that employees are constantly given the correct guidance when moving in the required direction.

evaluate the weighting system for evaluating managers for annual bonuses

Do the right thing, you must give affirmation, and do the wrong thing, you must give correction.

Employees only do the things that the enterprise assesses, and will not do what the enterprise wants, because the results of the appraisal will be linked to their own economic interests. The reason of rewarding diligence and punishing laziness is still relatively easy to understand by employees.

Therefore, in the performance appraisal system, it is necessary to clearly list the performance grades, and different performance grades correspond to different performance results.

For example, a company implements performance appraisal. The appraisal is based on a quarterly cycle. The appraisal dimension is divided into two parts: “Cultural Identity” and “Performance Output”. After the appraisal scores are aggregated, they are sorted from high to low within the department.

In order to combine with the quarterly appraisal cycle, the company will change the previous half-year bonus payment cycle to a quarterly bonus payment cycle, which is matched with the performance appraisal.

The source of the bonus, the company will withdraw the reward fund according to the completion of the current quarter’s operating performance from the sales refund according to the corresponding proportion.

The total amount of bonuses allocated by each department depends on the total salary of the employees of the department and the proportion of the total salary of the employees of the whole company to divide the amount of bonuses that should be distributed by this department in this quarter.

The average number of bonuses of the department, based on the total amount of bonuses that should be distributed by the number of employees of the department, divided by the number of employees of the department, to obtain the average number of bonuses of the department in the current quarter.

The proportion of performance grades is divided into 5 grades in descending order according to the scores of the quarterly performance appraisal of the employees of the department, and the respective proportions are determined: excellent 10%; good 25%; competent 35%; need to work hard 20%; last 10%. Different performance grades correspond to the distribution weight of bonuses, multiplied by 5. Good 1. 2. Competent 1. 0. Need to work hard 0. 8. Last 0. 4. Get the amount of bonus that should be allocated in the current quarter for each employee with different performance levels.

Bonus distribution Each enterprise has different distribution plans, and some are distributed according to the commission of sales performance.

Employees are divided into different ABC categories according to different work functions, and the bonus base of each category is also different. There are employees’ respective monthly salaries as the basis for bonus distribution.

After the project is completed, the project refund ratio is withdrawn as the total amount of bonus distribution for all project members, and then distributed by the project manager. The above different distribution plans are all to solve the problem of the source of bonuses, and the internal distribution must be carried out according to the performance level. In many enterprises, the performance level is divided according to the score, just like the student test, what kind of performance level is between the number of points and the number of points.

After years of performance practice, it is found that there are major drawbacks in dividing the performance level in this way.

Taking the above case as an example, if the performance level is divided into scores, then: 90 points or more – excellent, 80-90 points good, 70-80 points competent, 60-70 points need to work hard, 60 points below – last.

In this way, the supervisor will know in advance when scoring the performance of the evaluated person in which grade, which will cause human interference.

And through proportional division, it must be all members of the department after the score is completed, and then divided according to the proportion, so that the supervisor can not control the performance level of the evaluated person in advance, which will reflect more performance fairness.

In addition, the performance level is divided by scores, and most people are in the same score range, which cannot effectively open the performance gap.

The principle of bonus weight setting is to give more incentives to employees with good performance appraisal results, and to reduce or not give incentives to employees with poor performance appraisal, so as to ensure the performance guidance of the enterprise, which is a positive incentive measure.

Take competence as the reference point. If it is higher than the competence level, the bonus weight will be increased, and if it is lower than the competence level, the bonus weight will be reduced. The difference between the highest and lowest performance levels is 3 times.

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