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What should be applied to oily acne skin care products in the morning?

First of all, the first step is to cleanse the face. First, make a dense foam of the cleanser in your hands, and then start cleaning in the T area. Because the T area produces the most oil, for oily skin, cleaning is very important! Clean for about 30 seconds, and then dry your face with a cotton pad.

skin care routine oily skin acne

The second step is lotion. Pour the lotion on the cotton pad, and then against the pores, so gently wipe the cheeks, focusing on the oily part of the T area, you can wipe more. After wiping for the first time, the lotion can be wiped for the second time. Remember not to pat and wipe the makeup water, you can press the face after preheating your hands.

7 steps for correct skin care for acne skin, skin care instructions?

With the improvement of life standards, many people are increasingly pursuing a high-quality life. Many beautiful women with acne skin are in addition to daily skin care, makeup is also indispensable. However, we also know that improper skin care and makeup will inevitably lead to the outbreak of acne, so how to effectively care for acne skin, and what are the correct skin care steps?

1. Sunscreen is the first

The threat of ultraviolet rays is everywhere, and the damage caused by sunscreen to the skin cannot be ignored at any time.

2. Cleaning is indispensable

After one night, the face is always sprayed with oil. The cleaning during the day is done in place, and it cannot be ignored at night. How many people have no skin care or even the habit of washing their face at night. The dirt during the day is not washed in time and comes into contact with the dirty pillow sheet at night. It is strange that you do not get acne.

So, the cleaning and skin care steps at night cannot be omitted, and oily skin should use hydrating and oil control products. We recommend Cuerlty acne products, a skin care product specially designed for acne removal!

3. Use less oil-absorbing paper

No matter how good the oil-absorbing paper or tissue is, it will more or less take away the moisture of the skin. If the wiping action is heavy, it may destroy the natural barrier and cause the sebum stored in the hair follicle to be excreted on the surface of the skin quickly. A large amount of sebum cannot be evenly distributed in time, resulting in the phenomenon of “more and more oil”.

If you like to use oil-absorbing paper, try to control it to two pieces a day, and use gentle pressing instead of rubbing, but do not use paper towels. You can also try non-alcoholic moisturizing and soothing lotion to wet cotton tablets, and gently press the part that secretes oil to absorb oil and replenish water. This method is limited to plain skin.

4. Don’t blindly control oil

It’s not just oil that clogs pores. Necessary oils help repair sebaceous membranes and strengthen natural barriers. In fact, acne-prone skin lacks certain fatty acids and needs to be supplemented by skin care products.

Some skin care products look or feel oily when they are first used, but they may not make the skin oily, and even beneficial to the repair of acne muscles.

5. Water-locking lotion is a must

Oily skin always does not lock in water after replenishing water, which does not matter, will quickly lose water, and will also increase the secretion of oil.

So a water-locking product is indispensable, but you can choose a refreshing or condensing type according to your skin type.

6. Appropriate exfoliation

Seasonal replacement of skin metabolism accelerates, and the metabolic time of epidermal exfoliation will increase. Appropriate exfoliation has the dredging of pores and the excretion of oil.

The exfoliation time for oily skin is controlled at 3-4 times a month, 2-3 times a month for dry skin, and up to 2 times a month for sensitive skin.

7. Appropriate application of mask

Whitening and acne mask is an indispensable step in the acne muscle procedure. Do a mask twice a week, which can nourish the skin, provide enough moisture and nutrients for the skin, maintain the balance of water and oil, and help the skin repair the self-repair of acne muscles. It can not only improve the condition of acne, but also whiten it. Be sure to remember that at most twice a week, do not do more, do more will increase the burden on the skin, but it is useless!

Conclusion: There is a saying that is good, “There are no ugly women in the world, only lazy women.” But as women, our correct care must not be less~

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