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What role does concrete and bentonite play?

The cementing material of concrete plastic concrete includes bentonite, clay, etc. in addition to cement. It can be mixed with clay or bentonite alone, or both materials can be mixed at the same time.

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Therefore, plastic concrete can be divided into three types according to the composition of cementing materials: clay plastic concrete, bentonite plastic concrete, and clay-bentonite plastic concrete. Concrete seepage wall is a widely used and very important hydraulic building. China has to build a large number of water conservancy and hydropower projects every year. Many of these projects, especially earth-rock dams (including cofferdams) built on the overburden, use concrete anti-seepage walls as dam foundations or dam body anti-seepage structures. There are many reservoirs in China that need to be repaired or expanded for many years, and many of them also need to be reinforced with anti-seepage walls. Many dam accidents are mostly caused by the failure or destruction of the anti-seepage system. The anti-seepage wall project is a hidden project. How to achieve the design purpose through careful design, rigorous construction and effective supervision has its unique laws and requirements. The technology of anti-seepage walls has developed rapidly, and new achievements in construction machinery, technology and materials have emerged. Anti-seepage wall technology has been widely spread to other construction fields, and advanced technologies in other industries are constantly transplanted to anti-seepage wall projects. All of these need to be summarized and improved frequently.

Cement ash formula?

. Mud formula in proportional form

For example:

1) Base slurry formula: water: clay (calcium-based bentonite): soda ash (Na2CO3) = 500:20:1.0 (kg).

2) PHP mud formula: water: clay (calcium-based bentonite): soda ash (Na2CO3): PHP (purity): Na – CMC (purity) = 500:15:0. 75:0. 15:0. 5 (kg).

Does the cement plant use bentonite?

The cement plant uses bentonite.

Bentonite is a hydrated clay mineral powder mainly composed of montmorillonite. Its main component is montmorillonite, which also has a variety of special properties: swelling, adhesion, adsorption, catalysis, thixotropy, suspension and cation exchange. Due to the high water absorption, expansion and lubrication coefficient of sodium-based bentonite, artificial sodium-based bentonite is generally used in the production of cement mortar in concrete mixing plants.

Main function:

The addition of bentonite in the production of cement mortar in a concrete mixing plant can make the cement mortar have strong moisture absorption and expansion, and also have certain viscosity, water retention, lubricity, plasticity and adhesion.

Experiments show that:

The effect of bentonite on the performance of concrete (cement mortar) is studied. The results show that adding an appropriate amount of bentonite can improve the elastic modulus of concrete and significantly improve the impermeability of concrete (cement mortar). In the reservoir of Langfang dam foundation anti-seepage project in Hebei Province, the bentonite production process is experimentally studied. The proportion of clay concrete is determined according to the design requirements. The elastic modulus is low and the anti-seepage ability is strong. The influence of clay concrete is analyzed from the test results. According to the test results, the strength and elastic modulus of concrete decrease with the increase of bentonite content. When the dosage is 25%, the index is close to the design index.

Plastic concrete is used in the test of seepage wall of Lanhe Dam in Shandong Province. The results show that when the amount of cement is reduced by 3kg/m3 and the amount of bentonite is increased by 10%, the compressive strength of plastic concrete for 28d is reduced by 31%, and the elastic modulus is reduced by 28d. Reduced by 36%. This shows that under the condition that the amount of cement is kept constant, the amount of bentonite is increased, and the bentonite crusher can reduce the strength and elastic modulus of plastic concrete to a certain extent, so as to achieve plasticity. The concrete is improved. The amount of cement has a significant impact on the stiffness of plastic concrete.

According to the actual requirements of Xiashan Reservoir Project in Weifang City, Shandong Province. Through parameter adjustment, many comparative tests are carried out, and the proportion design of plastic concrete is discussed The distribution of test data is relatively uniform. The average compressive strength of plastic concrete is 4.5MPa and the average permeability coefficient is 2.75 × 10-8cm/s, which fully meets the requirements of engineering design and the proportion design is reasonable. Plastic concrete has been applied to the anti-seepage of Xiashan Reservoir, Xishan Reservoir and other hydraulic projects. It is reported that modified bentonite is used to prepare plastic concrete. The volume expansion rate of bentonite geosynthetics prepared by mixing modified polyacrylamide with bentonite (about 70% bentonite) is 190%, which basically reaches the construction industry in China. Standard use requirements prove that the product of bentonite is durable, exploring a new way for the preparation of geosynthetics.

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