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What preparations do you need when changing the water milk?

1. For new products, test them on a small scale before using them.

daily skin care routine at home step by step

The thickness of the facial skin is different from that of the wrist and behind the ear. Therefore, before using the new product, try to use the product on the face in a small area to know whether our skin can really adapt.

2. Pay attention to the replacement time

When the skin is exposed to the sun or when the winter climate causes dry skin, the skin’s resistance will become very weak. This time is obviously not the best time to change skin care products.

3. Step-by-step replacement

When replacing new skin care products, do not change immediately. When the old similar skin care products are not used up, gradually change to new skin care products. Use the two skin care products alternately, which can give the skin a good adaptation time.

4. Sensitive skin should not change skin care products frequently

Sensitive skin should generally use skin care products that do not contain ingredients that can cause allergies. Frequent replacement of skin care products will more likely cause skin discomfort. If you must change, see the ingredients of the skin care products clearly and carry out them under the guidance of a dermatologist. In case of skin allergies, you should stop using them immediately.

5. It takes at least two weeks to replace the new product to take effect

The skin generally needs to go through about 2 weeks of self-renewal and adaptation after using the new product, that is, continuous use for 2 weeks. At this time, whether the skin has changed can determine whether the product is good or not. Among them, the effects of moisturizing, gloss, and delicacy can be easily seen in a short period of time, but the improvement of firmness related to anti-aging is the most difficult to reflect, which also shows that anti-aging is a long-term battle.

3 What problems need to be paid attention to when changing skin care products

Really good skin care products, the effect can still be felt, but it feels good to use a certain skin care product, but the skin will deteriorate without use, which proves that you have become dependent on this product and should be discarded, because high-quality good products will not make the skin dependent.

Acne brush acid The correct skin care steps?

Step 1: Gently clean the skin first, dry skin directly wash your face with water is OK, oily skin with amino acid facial cleanser

➡️ Step 2: Use a lower concentration of salicylic acid cotton tablets, first wipe it behind the ear or wrist to test whether the skin is allergic, and stop using it if you have it!

Wipe the skin first when using it for the first time, focusing on oily and acne blackheads, brush for 30 seconds

2-3 times and then slowly wipe the whole face, brush for about 1 minute

The 4th-5th time starts to wet compress acne, focusing on the place where the acne is closed and blackheads, brush for about 3 minutes

Wipe ➕ wet compress later, wipe for 2 minutes first, then wet compress for 3 minutes

➡️ Step 3: After brushing, do not wash your face, massage and absorb in circles

➡️ Step 4: Apply a repair cream again, first rub hot and emulsify and then apply to your face, thin Apply a layer, no need to wash, you can go to bed

Finally, pay attention to a few points ❗

1. Don’t brush acid too many times, step by step, twice a week!

2. Brush acid at night, and also pay attention to sunscreen during the day, apply sunscreen or go out to use an umbrella!

3. Skin care should be streamlined during brushing acid, and it’s OK to use pure hydrating skin care products!

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