Weight management

What letters are used to represent weight medicine?

BMI is the abbreviation of BodyMassIndex in English. BMI refers to body mass index

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It converts a number based on a person’s height and weight. This number reflects whether the person is underweight, normal, overweight or obese.

BMI = height/weight

Height = Height (cm) -Ht.

Weight = Weight (kg) -Wt.

Weight is represented by medical symbols?

If it is mass, it is expressed in m, the international unit Kg, the weight is expressed in G, and the unit Newton

What are the common units to describe a person’s weight

Common units to describe a person’s weight: kilograms, kilograms, catties.

For example, a person weighs 56 kilograms (kg), 56 kilograms = 56 kilograms = 56 kilograms. It can also be said that the person weighs 56 kilograms, or 56 kilograms.

The kilogram (symbol kg) is the basic unit for measuring mass in the International System of Units, and the kilogram is also one of the most commonly used basic units in daily life. 1 kilogram will be defined as “corresponding to Planck’s constant of 6. The unit of mass at 62607015 * 10 ^ -34Js “. The principle is to convert the mechanical force required to move an object with a mass of 1 kg into an electromagnetic force that can be expressed by Planck’s constant, and then calculate the mass through the mass-energy conversion formula.

” catty “is also used as a” tendon “mass unit: one to ten taels in the municipal system (one catty in the old system is 16 taels), and two catties is equal to one kilogram.

Unit conversion

1 kg = 0. 001 metric tons (or “tons”)

1 kilogram = 1,000 grams

1 kilogram = 1,000,000 milligrams

1 kilogram = 1,000,000,000 micrograms

1 kilogram = 1 kilogram

1 kilogram = 1 kilogram

1 kilogram = 20 taels

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