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What kind of water do you use for acne and acne?

It is difficult to determine, your mileage may vary. What kind of water to use does not substantially help the skin health of most people, because everyone’s skin type, pore size, metabolic state, etc. are different, these will determine what water is really helpful to you. Generally speaking, keeping the skin clean, using cleansing products that do not irritate the skin, not staying up late, drinking plenty of water, eating healthily, and maintaining a happy mood are all ways to help the skin health. If you want to use water to relieve skin problems, you can use warm water or warm salt water; for acne closure problems, you can try using a makeup water containing salicylic acid, which can effectively metabolize keratin and clean pores. The most important thing is that you need to choose the right products and methods according to your skin condition and problems, rather than blindly pursuing the so-called “artifact”.

best skin care routines for acne prone skin

Oil first or apply acne first?

Acne removal and oil control can be carried out at the same time:

1. Oil control and acne removal should pay attention to the balance of water and oil: use a gentle, non-irritating facial cleanser with warm water to wash your face, and apply moisturizing and moisturizing skin care products after cleansing to balance the skin’s water and oil, which is conducive to the subsidence of acne.

2. Prevention of acne is the key: oily skin is prone to secreting too much oil, resulting in clogged pores. Acne is also the result of strong oil secretion in oily skin, so take good oil control measures. Even if acne has grown out, oil control is also a very important way to remove acne.

What skin care products are the best for acne on the face?

Porcelain Muscle Cleansing Acne Cleanser

Recommended reason:

1. Deep cleansing formula, effective oil control to wash away facial oil, and at the same time protect the moisture of the sebum film. Wash clean and not dry.

2. Natural plant formula, gentle cleansing without damaging the skin, through international scientific tests, fragile skin can be used with confidence.

3. Add natural oil control ingredients to effectively regulate skin oil secretion and help skin with excessive oil secretion return to water and oil balance.

This cleanser is especially suitable for people who are prone to acne to clean their skin and inhibit the growth of acne.

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