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What kind of skin care products do you use for your feet?

Apply foot cream

feet skin care routine

Foot cream and hand cream are the same type of skin care products, but foot cream is a product specially designed for the skin of the feet. It has the functions of bacteriostatic, softening and exfoliating, moisturizing, whitening and tenderizing the feet.

You should also be diligent in skin care and foot soaking in cold weather?

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Winter has arrived, the temperature has dropped sharply, and the skin and body need more careful care. Even if the cold wind whistles outside the window, it can’t make our beauty freeze. Diligent skin care in the morning and evening, every drop of essence and every mask is a gentle nourishment for the skin, resists dryness and locks in winter moisture. Before going to bed at night, don’t forget the basin of warm foot soaking water, it can not only dispel the fatigue of the day, but also promote blood circulation, and the warmth goes from the soles of the feet to the bottom of the heart. You should also live a delicate life in cold weather. Skin care and foot soaking are the most affectionate care for yourself, and it is also the love and respect for life.

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Winter is cold, the skin is easy to dry, and the bones are easy to stiffen, but this does not stop us from pursuing health and beauty. Even if the temperature is low, it cannot cool down our enthusiasm for maintenance. Every morning, wake up sleeping skin with carefully selected skin care products; every silent night, let a pot of steaming foot soaking water warm your world. Cold day skin care is persistence and enjoyment. The softness of every inch of skin and the lightness of every step of walking come from this daily drip care. Finding warmth in the cold and tranquility in the busy is our best response to winter.

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The low temperature in winter cannot stop our beauty-loving hearts. No matter how icy and snowy the outside world is, the warmth at home remains the same. Cold day skin care is a manifestation of self-care. Every skin care product applied with heart is infusing the skin with the power to fight winter dryness. And when night falls, a basin of warm foot soaking water, like the little sun in winter, not only soothes the tight muscles, but also warms the inner corner. Please remember in cold days, diligent skin care and foot soaking make us rejuvenated from the inside out and bloom with our own winter brilliance.

How to wash your feet to make them tender?

1. Pour some white vinegar in the foot washing water, soak your feet for more than 20 minutes, exfoliate and sterilize, wipe your feet clean and apply skin care products to protect your feet from tenderness, two to three times a week. 2. Before going to bed at night, apply olive oil evenly to your feet, apply thicker, and then wrap your feet in plastic wrap. Then go to bed, take off the plastic wrap in the morning, and you will immediately feel that the skin of the feet has become very tender. Use this method often to keep the skin of the hands and feet fine and smooth. 3. If you want the feet to become smooth, you need to use some scrubs or grindstones appropriately. The general function is to remove excess exfoliation. The exfoliation of the feet is easy to accumulate. Generally, you can use it twice a week. After exfoliating, you can apply some moisturizing lotion and apply a whitening cream. Note that the foot whitening cream should not be too oily, and should focus on the hydrating effect. Protection.

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