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What kind of skin care products do you use for the mixed dry acne skin?

With the mixed dry skin care products, the price of a set of skin care products is about 500, sometimes more than 100 and sometimes less than 100.

skin care routine for combination skin with acne

At present, Laneige is 380 yuan in the morning, and Haba’s g dew is 400 yuan in the evening. When you get up in the morning, you use rice extract more oil, and Dabao is not much oil. Sometimes you use Neutrogena and sometimes rice extract in the evening.

Both Lanzhi and Haba are bought at counters in Korea and Japan. Because they are brought by classmates, they charge a purchasing fee.

If Shanghai Amoy buys two 300s, it can be done because there is no habit of taking too many photos, so the pictures are incomplete. Occasionally, if you are interested, you can take a picture of what you have at hand, so you will see it. It has been 5 years since I started getting into skin care. I have used a lot of brands in circles. Korean, Japanese, European and American systems have used a lot. Haba is the set I have repurchased the most, and there are probably three sets.

To sum up, Han Zhuang’s life is black. Whether it is Laneige or Xuehuaxiu, it is useless. It is better to buy Japanese products at the same price. Xuehuaxiu is used by my mother. My mother uses skin care products just like eating them, swoosh swoosh… I give my mother everything I can’t use up… As for Laneige in my hand… My mother dislikes me for always giving her unused products, so she has to use them herself.

After all, I bought it at 380, and I can’t get through it if I throw it away… There is a high chance of allergies in Europe and the United States, but there are indeed many easy to use.

For example, Kiehl’s and Clinique, I really use allergies once, from calendula to high-moisturizing cream to Clinique small butter, all kinds of redness, rash, and

After researching, I found that Kiehl’s Clinique is really mixed, some love to death and some hate to death.

But Elizabeth Arden’s time capsule is really super easy to use!! But 90 pieces cost 450, and it can only be used for three months. I can’t afford it for a long time… I only used it once, and then I haven’t repurchased it, but the answer can try it if I have money. It’s really comfortable to make night cream.

The small brown bottle is also easy to use, but it is also expensive. It costs 500 for 50ml, and it will be used out in two or three months. I will cry if I use it for a long time (´;︵;`) I will not be able to use it without a picture… In general, the Japanese series is the best one I have used so much, and the rate of stepping on thunder is low. Relatively speaking, there are many products suitable for dry skin.

The haba I am using now is actually not the best one I have used in the Japanese series. The best one I have used is still fairy water.

It was given to my mother by my sister, and my mother divided half a bottle for me.

The skin will really be in better condition when using it, without acne and soft. During that time, washing my face with Dabao every day will not be oily.

But the price is not beautiful at all, let’s take a look.

Japanese have also used minon’s moisturizing water milk. A set is about 300. It is very good to use in winter, very watery and moisturizing. But it is to die in summer… oil face.

The self-discipline cycle of ispa has also been used, a set, 700.

It is also very good, but the price is also very unbeautiful.

So in general, haba and minon are the most cost-effective among the prices they can afford.

But there is one thing, don’t buy the g dew separately, because its function is to cooperate with the oil. If you leave the oil, it is better to apply mineral water to your face. As for the haba oil, I bought the moisturizing one. When the skin is dry in winter, it is mixed with rmk foundation cream. The base is isolated with pj enamel. The base makeup should really not be too obedient. For the sake of people answering the question so seriously, give a like.

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