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What kind of skin care products are available in Indonesia?

Wardah is an Indonesian cosmetics brand. It focuses on the production and sale of various skin care products, makeup and bath products. The Wardah brand is based on the concept of nature and purity and is committed to providing users with safe, effective and high-quality products. With its unique formulas and various product lines, Wardah caters to a wide range of skin types and needs. The brand’s products include creams, facial cleansers, masks, lipsticks, eyeshadows and many more, and can be purchased in stores and online channels in Indonesia as well as in other countries. In conclusion, Wardah is a well-known cosmetics brand known for its natural skin care philosophy and high-quality products.

10 step skin care routine indonesia

How to use Malaysian pure glycerin?

You can use Malaysian glycerin in the following ways:

1. Base the water film.

Before making the water film, apply a layer of glycerin to the face, which will make the hydration effect better. After taking off the water film, apply some glycerin to the skin and start massaging until it is fully absorbed. It can play a good absorption role and also keep your skin hydrated.

2. Mix with the cream.

Some people report that the oily content of the cream is very high and does not utilize the absorption of the skin. At this time, you can mix the cream with glycerin, which can dilute the cream very well, allowing the skin to better absorb and utilize. At the same time, if it is matched with the cream, the moisturizing effect will be better, and it can also have a good skin care effect.

3. Hydrate the facial skin.

Apply a thick layer of glycerin to the face before taking a shower. Glycerin can absorb bath moisture and steam, allowing moisture to be fully absorbed into the skin, which can replenish rich moisture to your skin.

I am going to Malaysia to work for about 1 year. What clothes and things should I bring?

To go to Malaysia, you need to prepare:

1. Documents

Passport, visa, hotel reservation, air ticket itinerary, boarding pass, etc. It is recommended to prepare a small document bag and print the passport, hotel reservation, and air ticket itinerary together in advance.

2. Daily necessities

1. Clothing

pajamas, summer clothes, swimwear, travel shoes, sandals, sunglasses, hats, sunscreen clothes;

2. Electronic products

Mobile phones, cameras, iPads;

3. Skin care and makeup

Sunscreen, after-sun repair, cosmetics, cleansing products, sleeping masks, bath products, combs, makeup remover cotton, makeup remover oil, small mirror, lipstick, conditioner, shampoo, various small bottles (for sample use);

4. Snorkeling products

Mask, straw, flippers, preferably a wetsuit.

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