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What kind of people is Boston 12 suitable for?


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Suitable for heavy weight people.

1. Adidas Boston 12 is suitable for heavy weight people, because this running shoe uses Boost cushioning material and TorsionSystem midsole technology, which can fully protect the feet and provide sufficient support.

2. Boost cushioning material can relieve the impact force while enhancing the return ability and absorbing the impact force of heavy weight people; while TorsionSystem midsole technology can provide better stability and support, bringing a better wearing experience to heavy weight people.

3. In addition to considering the cushioning and support of running shoes, heavy weight people should also pay attention to factors such as the wear resistance of the sole of the shoe and the breathability of the upper when choosing running shoes, in order to increase the comfort and health of running.

Is the Boston 12 suitable for small weight?

The Boston 12 is a running shoe designed for long-distance running. It uses a light upper, a cushioning midsole and a stable sole design, which is designed to provide runners with excellent comfort and support. For small weight runners, the Boston 12 is also suitable. The light upper and cushioning midsole can provide sufficient protection, while the stable sole can help reduce the risk of foot injuries. Therefore, if you are a small-weight runner, Boston 12 can be a good choice.

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