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What kind of music is suitable for selfies in beauty salons?

Choosing a music suitable for selfies in beauty salons can add atmosphere and vitality. Here are a few music styles and repertoire suggestions that may be suitable:

pharrell williams skin care routine

1. Easy and cheerful pop music: Choose some light and cheerful pop songs that can make people feel happy and relaxed, such as “Happy” by PharrellWilliams, “CantStoptheFeeling!” by JustinTimberlake.

2. Soft and relaxing soft music: Choose some soft and soothing soft music that can create a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere, such as piano music “RiverFlowsInYou” by Yiruma, “MorningHasBroken” by CatStevens.

3. Vibrant pop music: Choose some fast-paced and energetic pop music that can inspire positive emotions, such as “UptownFunk” byMark Ronsonft. BrunoMars, “ShapeofYou” byEdSheeran.

4. Soft and elegant light music: Choose some elegant and gentle light music that can add a romantic and elegant atmosphere, such as “A Thousand Years” byChristinaPerri, “ClairdeLune” byClaude Debussy.

The final choice should be determined according to the nature of the event, the preferences of the audience, and the brand atmosphere of the beauty salon. I hope the above suggestions can be helpful to you!

Songs listened to at the age of 11?

11 is an age full of curiosity and desire to explore. Children in this age group may enjoy listening to various types of music, including pop, rock, electronic, classical, etc. Here are some songs suitable for 11-year-olds to listen to:

1. “Hello” – Adele

2. “ShakeItOff” – TaylorSwift

3. “ShapeofYou” – EdSheeran

4. “LetItGo” – IdinaMenzel

5. “Sorry” – JustinBieber

6. “Hello” – Lionel Richie

7. ” WeCantStop “- MileyCyrus

8.” Happy “- PharrellWilliams

9.” Problem “- ArianaGrande

10.” LetItBe “- Beatles

Of course, this is just a small selection of songs suitable for 11-year-olds to listen to. You can choose the song that suits your child according to their interests and preferences.

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