Weight management

What kind of gummy is the best?

KANROPure grape flavor

mediterranean weight management gummies

The biggest feature of Pure series is the satisfying fleshy feel. There is a layer of sour powder on the surface. After it melts, it is sweet. It is suitable for friends who like sweet and sour flavors. Each one is in the shape of a lovely heart. It is rich in vitamin C, delicious and nutritious. With a clean seal, it is easy to carry. It has a strong elasticity and the taste of chewing pulp, which adds to the pleasure of chewing. While chewing, the facial muscles are exercised and have a face-saving effect. There are many VCs. It is delicious and visible. The more you eat, the more beautiful it is.


Orange Flavor

Contains 2200-2600MK of collagen ingredients. And it is 100% original juice, no preservatives, absolutely natural. While you enjoy the taste of juice, it also injects fresh collagen into your face, which is loved by Japanese cuties~! Orange tastes fresh and delicious.

Bread Superman Gummy Grape Flavor

Containing vitamins and tooth protection tea polyphenols, it is a fruit gummy for baby tooth protection; the product packaging is a very cute Bread Superman pattern, and there are a total of 5 different classic cartoon characters randomly changed next to Bread Superman (Red Dragonfly Superman, Bacteria Kid, Honeydew Melon Superman, Curry Superman, etc.)

Star Dream School DebutScene

Japan Bandai Idol Activity Star Dream School DebutScene Food and Play Bag. Fun and delicious. A variety of activity cards are included.

Kasugai Fruit Fudge

As soon as this MIX fudge was launched in Japan, it was widely sought after, not only because of its colorful colors, but more importantly, it was made from real fruit juice, which increased the taste and stimulated the taste buds. It once became a hot-selling ace in convenience stores. And this fudge is full of spring flavor. Five popular fruits are presented one by one (apples, grapes, oranges, pineapples, peaches), which seems sweet~

Meiji Poiful Kidney Bean Fudge

Japan Meiji Poifull Fruit Flavor Gummy 4 Flavors (Mediterranean Lemon, Grapes, Apple, Muscat Grape) Sour and Sweet~~ Yummy~~~ A pack also contains 2100 mg of collagen! At the same time, it is easy to carry and enjoy at any time.


This hand-made drawing fudge that can be DIY made by yourself. Super cute, with molds attached to it, make cute candies according to your favorite colors, so fun to say!


Small packet, long strip shape inside, there is a layer of powdered sugar on it, very cute, and very delicious, and this one is rich in vitamin C and dietary fiber… Grape flavor, super delicious and super sour! Rich in vitamin C, eat water ^_^

juice <grape flavor

contains 2200-2600MK collagen ingredients. And it is 100% original juice, no preservatives, absolutely natural, while you enjoy the taste of juice, it also injects fresh collagen into your face, which is loved by Japanese cuties~!


100% juice is definitely a super different taste than ordinary gummies. Pure juice is 100%, no other additives, and bites into the mouth with a rich grape flavor. The outside is a thin film, and the inside is soft like grape fruit, just like eating real grapes, full of happiness, a beautiful feeling that words cannot express.

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