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What kind of exercise is self-weight aerobics?

Self-weight aerobics is a type of exercise that combines the characteristics of aerobics and self-weight training. In self-weight aerobics, we use our own body weight for training and improve cardiopulmonary function and muscle endurance through a series of movements. These movements can include push-ups, sit-ups, squats, etc., and the exercise effect is achieved by controlling the number and speed of movements. Self-weight aerobics does not require additional equipment and can be performed at home or outdoors, which is very convenient. It not only helps us burn fat and shape our body, but also enhances muscle strength and body coordination.

why is aerobic exercise recommended in weight management

What kind of aerobics are suitable for heavy weight people?

For people who are heavier, when choosing an aerobic exercise method, they should pay attention to the protection of the joints and avoid causing injuries during exercise. Here are some aerobic exercises suitable for people who are heavier: Brisk walking: Brisk walking is an aerobic exercise that is simple and easy to do and has less impact on the joints. Compared with slow walking, brisk walking can increase the heart rate and respiratory rate, thus better burning fat and calories. Swimming: Swimming is a low-impact and aerobic exercise that can help people who are heavier to reduce the burden on the joints. When exercising in water, the body is subject to greater resistance and requires more energy to maintain posture and movements, which helps to burn more fat and calories. Bicycling: Choosing an appropriate bicycle and proper riding posture can help people who are heavier to perform aerobic exercise. When riding a bicycle, the joints are less impacted, and it can exercise the whole body muscle groups. Elliptical machine: The elliptical machine is a low-impact aerobic exercise equipment that can help people who are heavier to perform systemic aerobic exercise. When using the elliptical machine, the resistance and slope can be adjusted to adapt to different exercise intensities and needs. No matter which aerobic exercise method is selected, the intensity and time of exercise should be gradually increased to avoid excessive exercise and injury. At the same time, it is recommended to perform proper warm-up and stretching before exercise to increase joint flexibility and reduce the risk of injury.

Why not lose weight without anaerobic plus aerobic?

Regarding this issue, both anaerobic and aerobic exercise can help people lose weight, but if only one type of exercise is done, the optimal weight loss effect may not be achieved.

Anaerobic exercise can help increase muscle mass, and the higher the muscle mass, the higher the metabolic rate, thus consuming more calorie.

Aerobic exercise can help increase cardiopulmonary function and endurance, thus consuming more calorie.

Therefore, if only anaerobic exercise is done, it may increase muscle mass, but it will not consume enough calorie to lose weight. If only aerobic exercise is done, it may consume calorie, but it will not increase muscle mass, which may lead to physical thinness.

Combining anaerobic and aerobic exercise can help increase muscle mass and consume calorie for optimal weight loss. In addition, weight loss also requires controlling diet and calorie intake.

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