Weight management

What is weighted in a stock? What is weighted average?

In a stock, the so-called weighted refers to the average after adding the weight ratio. It refers to a weighted index. A fund investment industry uses a specific weighted balance method to buy stocks of different companies. This can diversify investment, reduce risk, and is also used to represent the performance of a certain industry or stock market;

a weighted average is operations management

For example, an A indicator composed of two stocks, one stock price is 5 yuan, and the other is 10 yuan.

The average is (5 10)/2 = 7. 5 yuan is unweighted.

What happens after weighting?

For example, the total share capital of a stock with a share price of 5 yuan is 100 shares, while the total share capital of 10 yuan is 200 shares,

So the weighted average is (5 * 100 10 * 200)/(100 200) = 8.3333 yuan.

The rise and fall of such weighted stocks will have a great impact on the weighted average, and have little impact on the unweighted average.

The weighted average stock price, also known as the weighted index, is the average stock price calculated according to the weighted average of the relative importance of various sample stocks. The weight (Q) can be the number of shares traded, the total market value of the stock, and the number of shares issued.

Historical Experience Analysis:

According to historical records, the average monthly height difference of Taiwan stocks in 2006 was 455 points, which was close to the average of Taiwan stocks since 2001. The probability that the number of days the weighted index is high (low) above the monthly line is less than 20 trading days is about 50%. The average time the weighted index is continuously high above the monthly line is longer than the time the weighted index is continuously low below the monthly line. The probability of the weighted index breaking through between settlements increases, indicating that the trend of Taiwan stocks deviates from the monthly line by a smaller margin than in the past.

What does the weighted average mean?

The weighted average is to multiply each value by the corresponding number of units, then add and sum to obtain the population value, and then divide by the total number of units. The size of the average depends not only on the size of the flag value (variable value) of each unit in the population, but also on the number of times each flag value appears (frequency). Since the number of times each flag value appears plays a role in weighing its impact on the average, it is called a weight.

For example:

The following is the test score of a student in a certain subject: 80 in the usual test, 90 in the middle of the term, 95 in the end of the term. The calculation method of the subject grades stipulated by the school is: 20% in the usual test; 30% in the middle of the term; 50% in the final grade; here, the proportion of each grade is called the weight or weight. Then, the weighted average =80*20% 90*30% 95*50%=90. 5 Arithmetic mean = (80 90 95)/3 = 88. 3

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