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What is tst oil control and emollient soap used for?

The characteristic of handmade soap is that the ingredients are natural. Whether you wash your face or take a shower, it can have a good cleansing effect on the skin, and even wash your hair and remove makeup. Of course, the premise is that the quality of handmade soaps must be guaranteed. Generally, handmade soaps in Israel, Syria, and France have a good reputation, but domestic ones are mixed. Good handmade soaps have the effect of nourishing the skin. It can even replace some skin care products. The handmade soap of Dead Sea mud goat milk I use is made in Israel. It has natural ingredients. It is very nourishing after washing, and the skin is very white and translucent.

skin care routine black soap

Can the shampoo be black?

It is impossible to wash your hair with shampoo and expect your hair to turn black. First of all, we need to understand the reasons why hair turns from black to white. The first is that the imbalance of trace elements in the individual body causes gray hair. To turn black hair, you must rebalance the trace elements of the body, which is definitely not possible with shampoo.

The second congenital inheritance causes gray hair, and this situation is not effective with shampoo.

The advantages and disadvantages of Polygonum multiflorum shampoo?

Choosing Polygonum multiflorum to wash your hair can make your hair black, and it can also improve the phenomenon of hair loss. But you must choose Polygonum multiflorum, so that the effect of black hair will be more prominent. Now many shampoos are added with the ingredient Polygonum multiflorum, so it is good for the hair.

But in the process of use, pay attention to ensure that the body is not allergic to this drug before use, and the use of any drug should not be excessive, and the best effect can be achieved by reasonable use.

The meaning of soap?

It means black. It seems very elegant today. In fact, it was a common word in the past. In the old days, the “soap pod” used for soap was a black tree pod. People often talk about “indiscriminate”, which means right and wrong. In the idiom “indiscriminate white”, “blue (this refers to dark green) red” is paired with “soap (black) white”. Jia Yi’s “Chen Zhengshi Shu” said: “The body of the emperor, the clothes are made of soap, and the wall house of the rich people is embroidered.”

Can whitening soap wash black clothes?

Whitening soap cannot wash black clothes

Whitening soap: Whitening soap is added with whitening agent and other detergents. It is different from other transparent soaps.

General soaps are not suitable for areas with hard water, because hard water will produce a lot of calcium soap, forming a layer of gray-white suspended matter on the water surface, which is easy to stain the clothes and cause the clothes to be unwashed. Compound soaps with calcium soap dispersants can be used appropriately in hard water areas.

Black, red, purple and lingerie, infant clothes are not suitable for washing with whitening laundry soap. Generally not suitable for washing clothes that are not white.

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