Weight management

What is the ww cause?

Health Behavior Change Platform

behavior changes that are recommendations for managing body weight

The ww cause is a health behavior change platform that aims to help people lose weight, gain vitality and establish a supportive environment for healthy eating, exercise and eating habits. It offers a personalized weight management program that helps people achieve healthy change through a series of classes, chat services and tools.

What does the psychology of a boyfriend asking his girlfriend to lose weight mean?

In a recent Reddit post, a woman posed the question: “Did my boyfriend suggest I lose weight because he’lost attraction to me ‘? The post (which has since been deleted) recounted his claims that he had gained weight, even though she hadn’t lost it, and even said that he had thought about cheating with co-workers.

Could it save a relationship with someone who tells you what to do with your body, or would it automatically break the deal? Reddit weighs in:

“He’s allowed to like what he likes. You’re allowed to live your life as you choose. If you don’t want to lose weight, then don’t. Whether you’re content with your body or not, I think you should leave him. He admits to considering cheating on you. It’s a deal breaker for me. “-purposeful, arrogant

” On its own, some people are just attracted to certain types of bodies. But keep in mind that some people may be subject to small criticisms such as these (‘If you love me, you will lose some weight, therefore I may be attracted to sex. Then, they can quickly shift to controlling behavior (‘ can’t eat and get fat ‘). That being said, it is indeed a’legitimate’ reason for a breakup. “-annagarny

” I don’t understand. From what you are saying, you have not gained any weight? So the only thing that has changed is that he feels a seven (three) year itch. Honestly, if my significant other had told me they had considered cheating with my coworker (super cheesy), I would most likely have ended the relationship. “- Pola_Xray

” Weight and physical fitness are important components of physical attractiveness, and physical attractiveness is also important in a relationship. What made me reconsider a relationship was the fact that he admitted to considering cheating. “- SurfingDumbledore

” Despite the hurt in the way he expressed himself, I wasn’t wrong about my inherent concerns about maintaining a healthy weight. “- drgrumpypants

So Redditors who think she should break up with him focus on the cheating part, but what about the weight part itself?

LMFT’s Esther Boykin said: “Actually, if she’s not gaining weight, then it sounds like his remarks may tend to be manipulative or even emotionally abusive. Telling you to lose weight doesn’t necessarily automatically break the deal, but depending on the intent, it can certainly be a red flag.

For example, if you’re actually suffering health complications due to your weight, then your significant others may just be looking for their own health. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to lose weight because they say so – it’s still up to you. If so, you can let them know you’re considering their opinion, but stop talking about your weight unless you start a discussion, Boykin said.” The appropriate response to their request is to take it seriously, but also to be clear that any change in weight or any other part of the body begins with your preferences, not theirs. “

On the other hand, if their problem is that they are not attractive to you at their current weight, then you may need to reconsider the relationship.” Anyone who repeatedly criticizes your character, and in the way you tell them they are hurtful, is not building a healthy or loving relationship. Negative comments about weight especially if you are struggling to change your weight, or directly saying that these comments hurt you “are mean at best and verbally insulting at worst.” Boykin said. “Everyone deserves to be loved heavily. If your relationship seems to be tied to your appearance, it’s time to reassess why you’re together. “

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