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What is the weight gain standard for a newborn baby?

The weight of a baby just born should be 3. About 5 kg and the height should be 50 cm. The weight of a three-month-old baby should be twice that of a newborn baby and the height should be 63 cm. The height of a one-year-old baby is about 75 cm and the weight is three times that of a newborn baby. The height of a two-year-old baby is 87 cm and the weight is about 13 kg

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What should the weight of a 17-day baby be?

It is normal for a 17-day baby to gain 10-30mg per day. 2 to 3 days after birth, due to the excretion of meconium, the absorption of fetal fat and the loss of water, coupled with the weak sucking ability of the newborn baby and less milk, temporary weight loss can occur, even lower than the birth weight, called physiological weight loss.

By the 3rd to 4th day of birth, the weight loss can reach 6 to 9% of the birth weight. It returns to the birth weight around the 7th to 10th day of birth, and then if the feeding is normal, the weight starts to gradually increase.

College freshman physical examination, but my height and weight are written by myself, what should I do?

It’s not a big deal, a bag of physical examinations is irregular, and you won’t be allowed to write it if you don’t run.

Kitten birth weight that will be expensive to check in the future?

Newborn kittens weigh around 70-135 grams.

Kittens refer to kittens after birth to before weaning. Usually kittens are weaned for 42 days. It does not refer to a specific breed of cat.

Precautions for feeding kittens

1. If the mother cat is not around the kitten, you need to pay attention to keeping warm. Cover the kitten with a small thin blanket and prepare a warm cushion.

2 Kittens should not be fed milk, and goat milk should be used instead in the absence of breast milk.

3. Kittens should not be bathed.

Weight standard for newborn babies in the first few months?

It grows the fastest at the full moon, about 1.5 kg, and then slowly grows, about 0.5 kg a month, depending on the situation

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