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What is the significance of learning management accounting?

Management accounting is a branch of enterprise accounting that focuses on making optimal decisions for enterprises, improving business management, and improving economic benefits. Its uses are: analyzing the past, controlling the present, and planning the future.

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1. Planning for the future

Forecasting and decision-making is the main form of planning for the future. The role of modern management accounting in this regard is to make full use of the rich information at hand, conduct rigorous quantitative analysis, and help management departments to objectively grasp the situation, thereby improving the scientificity of forecasting and decision-making.

2. Analysis of the past

Analysis of management accounting In the past, it was mainly to further process, reform and extend the information provided by financial accounting, so that it could better meet the needs of planning for the future and controlling the present.

3. Control the present

The role of management accounting in control is to correct the deviations in the implementation process in a timely manner through a series of index systems, so that the economic activities of enterprises can be carried out effectively in strict accordance with the track predetermined by decision-making. Can understand the basic provisions and requirements of accounting and management, understand the basic tasks and functions of management accounting, understand the significance of doing a good job in enterprise management accounting, master the most general principles, principles and methods of enterprise management accounting, after learning, after a certain work practice, basically competent management accounting work.

Management accounting is based on modern management science as the theoretical basis, with the ultimate goal of strengthening the internal operation and management of enterprises and achieving the best economic benefits. Through extensive use of financial accounting information, it realizes the prediction, decision-making, planning, control and responsibility evaluation of the economic process. It is an important part of enterprise management. Management accounting has the following three characteristics:

(1) The theoretical basis of management accounting is modern management science.

(2) The ultimate goal of management accounting is to improve economic efficiency as much as possible on limited resources.

(3) Management accounting is an accounting information system that mainly provides economic management information.

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