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What is the safety standard for children’s skin care products?

The product name, manufacturer name and address must be indicated.

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The safety standard for children’s skin care products is that the label of children’s cosmetics should be clear, and the product name, manufacturer name and address, production batch number and production date must be indicated. The ingredients of children’s cosmetics must be non-toxic and harmless. No allergies. Irritating, does not contain toxic and harmful substances

What should I do if I accidentally eat skin care products in my mouth?

It doesn’t matter if I accidentally eat skin care products. Generally, a small amount of cosmetics eaten in the mouth do not have much side effects, and you are not careful to eat, certainly not much, don’t worry too much, try to pay attention when skin care makeup in the future, be careful when applying to the mouth and eyes. Ah, there are a lot of chemicals in skin care products now, but just pay attention to it yourself

Can plain cream pass the train security check?

Plain cream belongs to the category of cosmetics. Generally speaking, small-capacity cosmetics can pass the train security check. According to the regulations of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, the liquid items (including liquids, gels, aerosols, etc.) carried should be placed in a bottle with a volume of not more than 100 ml, and placed in a transparent sealed bag. One person is limited to one bag, and the net weight of each container does not exceed 100 ml.

Therefore, if the capacity of the plain cream does not exceed 100 ml, it can be placed in a transparent sealed bag, which can generally pass the train security inspection. But it should be noted that there may be differences in the implementation of the regulations by different train stations and security personnel, so it is best to check the relevant regulations in advance to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Can I bring plain cream on the train?

You can pass the train security inspection. The plain cream will not affect the safe passage. As long as you do not bring some items involved in safety accidents, you can pass the security check. The plain cream is not a liquid and does not involve safety items. When the security check is scanned by the machine, it is allowed and will not get stuck on your item. You can explain it to the security inspector, and you can take it out and use it yourself.

Is Concord careful silicone cream used to wipe your face or hands?

Concord careful silicone cream can wipe both your face and hands. It is a multi-effect skin care product.

The main ingredient of this silicone cream is silicon, which can isolate and moisturize. At the same time, silicon can block the passage of harmful rays. The main ingredient of the anti-radiation oil for the military is silicon. Moreover, silicon is non-toxic, completely not absorbed by the human body, and can be applied to open wounds, so silicone cream is very effective for acne, pimples, and acne. It is both a face cream, a hand cream, and a foot cream. It can be used all over the body, which is more moisturizing.

Therefore, Concord Careful Silicone Cream can be used for face and hand skin care.

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