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What is the reason for the tower crane to lift heavy objects?

Tower crane (abbreviated as tower crane) is designed according to the principle of the lever. The structure of the tower crane is simply composed of the big arm (forearm). The flat cross arm (rear arm) and the tower body are composed of the main hook of the forearm. The heavier the main hook of the forearm, the greater the corresponding force distance of the rear arm. In addition, the main material of the tower crane is made of high-quality steel. Good steel has good extension and mechanical properties, and has the ability to overcome tension and good fatigue resistance! The lifting weight of the tower crane is set according to the model of each tower crane! For example, QTZ40 (4708), the maximum lifting weight is 4T, and the approved lifting weight (47 meters) is 0.8T. QTZ63 (5610), that is, the maximum lifting weight is 6T, and the approved lifting weight (56 meters) is 1T. So the bigger the tower crane, the heavier it is! The tower crane belongs to the special industry, and the installation and production must be applied by the relevant competent departments. Safety is the top priority! If you choose a tower crane, please choose a tower crane from a big factory, safety is guaranteed! I recommend using the Tengda tower crane produced by our factory! Not bad!

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How old is Tachaiya?

37 years old.

Tachaiya, born on April 18, 1985, is a professional snooker athlete in Thailand.

On the morning of February 25, 2019, the 2019 snooker single-inning limited-time tournament ended. Thai star Tachaiya scored 139 points in the semi-final to refresh the highest single score in the history of the event. After scoring 74 points in the final, he defeated Holt in less than 6 minutes and won the first ranking championship in his career. At the same time, he claimed the championship prize of 32,000 pounds.

In October 2019, the Haining Station of the China Tour and the “Yanguan Ancient City Cup” 2019 CBSA Haining Snooker International Open, Tachaiya defeated Selby in the semi-final and defeated Li Xing in the final, allowing him to finally win the championship. [ 4] In November, in the final of the Snooker World Open, Tachaya lost 5-10 to Trump and won the runner-up.

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