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What is the reason for the small particles in the skin care products?

1. Dehydration of the skin: The skin is dehydrated. When it is too dry, it will lead to the weakening of the skin’s absorption capacity. Often skin care products do not absorb small particles. You can use lotions and creams with good moisturizing effect to hydrate the skin, which helps to improve skin problems.

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2. Blocked pores: The sebaceous glands secrete strongly, or the cleaning is not thorough after makeup, which is likely to clog the pores and affect the absorption. A large number of skin care products accumulate on the skin, and small particles may appear. You can wash your face with warm water and a gentle facial cleanser. After makeup, use makeup remover to remove makeup to reduce pore blockage.

3. Thick stratum corneum: rough skin, dry skin, excessive cleaning, etc., may thicken the stratum corneum, clog pores, thereby affecting absorption, and in severe cases, fat particles will grow. You can use exfoliating products regularly to remove the aging stratum corneum, or you can choose fruit acid skin change to remove the thickened stratum corneum.

Can you continue to use skin care products with many small particles on your face after wiping your face?

Skin care products with many small particles on your face and face must not continue. These two problems are either the quality of the product or you are allergic to the product, so you can’t use it anymore.

Why do some liquid foundations apply one by one?

1. The skin is dehydrated. When the skin is dehydrated, the grainy feel of the makeup will become serious. You should do a good job of moisturizing and moisturizing before makeup, use moisturizing skin care products, or apply a moisturizing mask before makeup to replenish moisture for the skin.

2. Poor foundation. The powder of the foundation affects the delicacy of the makeup. If the grainy feel of the makeup is heavy, it may be the reason for the foundation. It is recommended to change to a fine foundation.

3. Setting error. It is recommended to use a setting spray for setting makeup. The main active ingredients of the setting spray are water, moisturizer, and film-forming agent. It can not only set makeup after makeup, but also replenish moisture to the skin before makeup to rejuvenate the skin. After the base makeup is completed, use the setting spray for preliminary setting makeup, then apply a layer of loose powder by baking, and finally spray a layer of setting spray to reduce the powder feel of the makeup.

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