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What is the pH value of the skin?

Wash your face, pour purified water on the pH test strip, and then stick the test strip on your face to test it out, basically PH5.5 or so.

There is a sebaceous film on the outermost layer of the skin, which is the outer layer of the stratum corneum. This sebaceous film protects the skin, reduces inflammation, sterilizes, balances the skin’s water and oil, and resists external environmental stimuli.

ph levels for skin care routine

The pH value of the sebaceous film is 5.5. That is, it is weakly acidic, and the skin of the face is weakly acidic.

So no matter what kind of skin care products we use, it is recommended to be weakly acidic. Including cleansing. Some people have oily and rough skin. In fact, the cleansing product is selected to be alkaline at 7-8, and the sebaceous film is washed off…

Go to the market and buy something called PH test paper. It is available in many places. Taobao also has it.

The pH value of the shower gel?

The pH value is between 5-6, and the weakly acidic shower gel is better.

The shower gel is a liquid cleaning agent used in bathing. According to different ingredients, alkaline shower gel and acidic shower gel are divided.

If the pH test paper is used for testing, the pH value is between 5-6, which is weakly acidic, can protect the skin environment and has strong cleaning power. Generally, the pH value is 0-14, the pH value is 7 is neutral, and less than 7 means acidic. The smaller the value, the stronger the acidic. On the contrary, the larger the alkaline value, the stronger the alkaline.

Because human skin is weakly acidic, only those with the same pH value can fully open the pores to achieve the purpose of deep cleaning, while alkaline ones can only clean the dirt on the surface, and will take away the moisture on the surface of the skin, thus harming the skin. Soaps are alkaline and harmful to the skin, so use a pH value with similar properties to the skin between 5-6. Weakly acidic body wash is better.

What is the detection limit for pH value?

The range of pH value is 0-14. pH value is a representation of the pH of a solution or substance. 0-7 is acidic, from 7-14 is alkaline, and 7 is neutral. It can be said that any substance has its own acid-base properties.

In general, the pH value ranges from 0 to 14, 0 to 7 is acidic, from 7 to 14 is alkaline, and 7 is neutral.

In a few special cases, it will involve special, high-range, super-acid, super-alkaline. It generally measures a larger range than 0-14, so there will be a range of 0 to 16.

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