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What is the origin story of the custom of weighing people in the beginning of summer?

The common way to celebrate festivals is to use seasonal ingredients, make some delicious food to share with friends, or hold related activities. People gather together, look back on the past and look forward to the future, and go outdoors for an outing together. As for the act of measuring weight, it is a very special custom. This article will take you to the meaning of weighing in the beginning of summer

weight management genesis

There is a saying in the folk that “Lixia weighs people, and the scale hangs on the beam to laugh and make noise.” It is said that if you measure your weight on this day, it will bring people good luck. In order to pray for God to bring them good luck, this custom has been formed, and there is also a moral of hoping for health and longevity. In the old days, when the Libra people were playing Scale Flowers, they spoke auspicious words. For example, the old man Scale would say: “Scale Flowers are eighty-seven, and they will live to ninety-one.” Miss Scale would say: “One hundred and five catties, people from outside the yuan come to the door. Don’t be willing, don’t be partial, the champion is destined.” And the child Scale said: “One dozen and twenty-three Scale Flowers, the little officials will come out when they grow up. The seventh-rank county officials don’t make it difficult, and the three gongs and nine queens are easy to climb.” Saying different congratulations to different groups of people is mainly to seek a good omen. Its allusion. What’s the origin?

There are many versions of the story about this custom. Here is a legend about a character in the Three Kingdoms period. At that time, Liu Bei was going to go to war, so he entrusted his child, Ah Dou, to Mrs. Sun through Zhao Zilong. However, Mrs. Sun also had concerns. After all, it was the stepmother. If there was a mistake, not only would the husband not be able to explain it, but he would also leave a handle inside and outside the court. So she thought of a way: today is the beginning of summer. Use a scale to weigh Ah Dou in front of Zilong, and weigh it again on the beginning of summer the next year to know whether the child is well raised. From then on, Mrs. Sun took care of Ah Dou carefully. In the first year of summer, he weighed his weight once, and wrote to Liu Bei to express his feelings. Later, people followed suit and measured their own weight during the season, hoping to have a good fortune.

Festival classic proverbs

1. Hoeing the ground early to warm up, deep hoeing is not a board, and more hoeing is double insurance for drought and flood.

2. Pigs eat a hundred kinds of grass, and fermentation is better.

3. Plant hemp in the beginning of summer, with seven strands and eight branches.

4. From the farming season to the beginning of summer, check and make up the seedlings and dig them up.

5. The first time it is not good to hoe all over, it will be grass in the old ground.

6. Mai Wang rains in April, it is better to rain in the twenties of March.

7. During the Qing and Ming Dynasties, sweet potatoes were planted before and after the beginning of summer.

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