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What is the order of use of eye mask, mask, toner, essence, eye cream, and face cream?

Correct order of use: toner-essence-face cream

when to put mask in skin care routine

Step 1: toner. First of all, choose a suitable toner. In spring and summer, generally choose a refreshing and oil-free type, and choose a slightly moisturized one for autumn and winter. You can pour the toner into a cotton pad and gently wipe it on the face with a cotton pad to absorb. Or put your fingers together, pour the toner on the front of your fingers, and pat the face to absorb.

Step 2: Essence. Essence is generally used after water like eye cream. The amount of essence is generally less. Dip it in the size of soybean particles, gently massage and apply it to the face.

Step 3: Cream. Cream is generally used after lotion. It is the thickest of all skin care products and has the effect of locking the efficacy of the above skin care products. Depending on the individual skin type, there is a choice of use. For example, for oily skin in summer, you can not choose cream. Dip an appropriate amount of cream and soften the face to absorb.

Can I use cream directly after washing the moisturizing mask?

After washing the moisturizing mask, you can use the cream directly, because the moisturizing mask is the function of replenishing moisture. After washing the face, the face is no longer short of water. Since there is no shortage of water, you can apply some effective and nourishing things, and you can directly apply the cream. This way, you can first achieve the effect of simple skin care. You don’t need to add too many cosmetics, which is easy to burden the skin. Therefore, you can directly use the cream

Cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and mask in the order of use?

Step 1: facial cleanser Cleansing: Cleansing is the first step to wake up the skin. Apply warm water to the face to wake up the skin cells from sleep.

Be sure to use a mild cleanser. Oil, sweat and dust floating in the air adhere to the surface of the skin. It cannot be cleaned simply by using water.

Step 2: Apply a mask.

In order to replenish nutrients to the skin and make the skin look very good throughout the day, the most convenient way is to apply a mask.

The mask allows the skin to absorb nutrients in a closed state, so as to achieve a good skin care effect.

Note that when using a tissue paper mask, be sure to stick it to the facial skin from bottom to top, supplemented by gentle pressing with your fingers.

Step 3: Toner.

After removing the mask paper, wash off the essence, dry the face, and apply toner.

Pour the toner on the palm of your hand, then “pat” it with your hands, and then “play” the piano a few times on your face with your fingers to help penetrate and make epidermal cells more elastic.

Part 4: Moisturizing Cream.

Moisturizing cream has a high proportion of oil, which can form a water-locking protective film on the surface of the skin to prevent moisture loss. It is suitable for dry, normal skin, and combination skin on the cheeks.

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