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What is the order of use of cosmetics?

The steps of makeup are to perform basic skin care first, then isolation sunscreen, base makeup, setting makeup, eyebrows, eye makeup, blush, highlight trimming, and finally lipstick. In this way, according to the correct makeup sequence, the makeup will be cleaner and the makeup will be more clear.

what is the order for skin care routine

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Skin Care Tips

Washing your face is crucial. If you don’t clean it enough or if you clean it too much, it is easy to get acne and acne. The correct way to wash your face is to wash your face with warm water to fully open your pores, and then massage through facial cleanser and techniques to achieve a cleansing effect. Among them, facial cleansers play a crucial role. Facial cleansers that are not suitable for your own skin can easily cause excessive cleaning or insufficient cleaning.

Choose facial cleansers, which must be mild. For example, PURESLAN facial cleanser, the main ingredient is amino acids, which are non-irritating, gentle and skin-friendly, and can effectively clean the skin. Because amino acids can be directly absorbed by the human body, they do not cause any harm to the skin.

Drinking enough water every day is also one of the secrets to maintaining the skin. Because the human body is fully hydrated, it can make the skin lubricated and shiny and full of elasticity. Adults should drink 1500 to 2000 ml of water every day, preferably pure water. Water is a beauty holy product

Does anyone know the order of use of skin care water, cream, and milk?

After cleansing, pat with toner or softener first, then use essence (if not, you can omit this step), and then apply lotion or cream. You can choose one of the lotions and creams according to your skin type, or you can use lotion and cream first. The interval between each step should be about 30s. It is better to use the next one after the previous skin care products are absorbed.

What is the order of skin care steps during the day and the seven steps of skin care?

1. Step 1: Cleansing Cream

Cleansing, the most important step in skin care, if you don’t go well, you will lose everything. Only healthy and clean skin can make skin care products work well for the skin. Otherwise, the skin will not be completely cleansed, and no matter how magical skin care products are, they will not be able to save you.

2. Step 2: Mask

Mask is not a necessary step every day, generally twice a week. Mask is the best nutritional supplement, hydrates and oxygenates the skin, and plays a great role in anti-wrinkle, whitening and repair of the skin.

3, Step 3: Toner

Toner is the most used daily, can clean and shrink pores, lotion cannot replace body lotion, lotion’s main function is to adjust the skin, not emollient, so lotion should be used after cleansing.

4, Step 4: Muscle Bottom Fluid

After cleansing and toning, the skin needs a bottle of muscle bottom fluid to lay a good foundation.

5, Step 5: Essence

After using muscle bottom fluid, use essence, and use essence before lotion and cream.

6. Step 6: Lotion or face cream

Apply lotion or face cream. If it is oily skin, use lotion. If it is dry skin, you can use face cream.

7. Step 7: Sunscreen

Use sunscreen not only in summer, but also when going out in autumn and winter. You can choose sunscreen with different SPF values in different seasons. In winter, choose sunscreen with a lower SPF index. In summer, you should use SPF 50 times when going to the beach.

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