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What is the order of correctly rubbing skin care products at night?

1. The order of using skin care products at night is as follows: makeup remover, cleansing, toner, eye cream, essence, lotion, face cream.

evening skin care routine the ordinary

If you need deeper care, you can be as follows: makeup remover, cleansing mask, pre-water essence, toner, muscle bottom liquid, eye cream, hydrating essence, whitening essence, anti-aging essence, lotion, sleep mask.

2. The order of using skin care products during the day is as follows: cleansing, toner, muscle bottom liquid, essence, lotion, face cream, sunscreen. Then apply makeup on this basis.

The correct steps and practices for hospital night skin care?

The first step, the first step in skin care at night, of course, is to remove makeup. If you remove makeup, use a makeup remover cotton on your face, remove it in circles, and massage gently. Be careful not to use force, because the facial skin is very delicate, the makeup should be gentle, last for one minute, and then you can throw away the cotton pad.

The second step is to wash your face. You can wash your face after removing makeup. If your face is not too oily, you can not use a facial cleanser, but some girls have oily skin, which requires the use of a facial cleanser. The facial cleanser chooses a moisturizing type. Don’t choose a face that is too dry after washing, which is not good for your face.

The third step is to exfoliate. If you exfoliate, you don’t need to exfoliate every day. You can apply it to each face once every two weeks. After exfoliating, the skin of the face can better absorb nutrients.

The fourth step is to apply eye cream to the eyes. Many people say that girls should use eye cream once they are over 25 years old. It is true that eye cream must be used. Eye cream is suitable for the skin of the eyes, and water milk cannot be applied to the eyes, because the water milk is relatively greasy, and too much application is easy to grow fat particles.

Step 5, apply water milk. After applying the eye cream, you can apply the essence and water milk. This must be applied. Don’t be lazy. If you don’t apply water milk, your face will be dry, and it will be easy to wrinkle at this time. So remember to moisturize


Remember to apply eye cream. The eye skin is relatively fragile, so you can’t apply water milk to the eyes

Remember to moisturize, otherwise it will be easy to wrinkle

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