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What is the oily shiny on a woman’s face?

Some women have very bright skin and apply highlights, fine glitter and body lotion

body skin care routine smooth and glowing

Highlights when applying makeup. As the name suggests, it can make the highlighted area appear to surface, and the obvious effect is obvious, while the silhouette is dark, making the object look backward, or not obvious. Highlights are generally white powder, or high-gloss powder, which is used on the bridge of the nose, cheekbones, eyebrow bones and other places. When applying high-gloss shadows, it should be excessive to the skin tone. Don’t put them together. If necessary, general cosmetic stores will sell high-gloss powder and shadow powder.

Fine glitter is a shiny powdery substance in cosmetics. The texture is very delicate. It is best not to bring fine glitter with loose powder. If the fine glitter is severe, it looks like the whole face is covered with highlights. When applying the lotion, first ensure an amount of lotion. Then you can add essence to the lotion and continue to apply long-term

Why does rubbing skin care products shine?

The reason why there is a lot of oil on the face after skin care

1. The nature of the skin itself is oily skin. After a night of metabolism, the excess oil secreted by the sebaceous glands remains on the surface of the skin.

2. Whether the cream applied at night is a moisturizing cream of the “water-in-oil” system. The oil content of the product of the water-in-oil system itself is very good, and it is to replenish oil for the skin to achieve the function of moisturizing and locking water. If you have oily skin, it is recommended to use a refreshing lotion at night, or a more refreshing cream.

How to deal with the problem of oil on the skin after skin care

Step 1: Oil-absorbing paper

After oil on the face after makeup, you can use oil-absorbing paper to absorb oil. The oil-absorbing paper is pressed on the T-zone or other oily parts to absorb excess oil on the face.

Step 2: Moisturizing spray

After the oil-absorbing paper absorbs excess oil from the face, we should replenish the moisture absorbed by the oil-absorbing paper on the face. The moisturizing spray is sprayed twice at a distance of 10cm from the face, and the tissue is pressed on the face to take away excess dust and floating powder from the face.

Step 3: Powder makeup

Finally, you can choose your favorite makeup product to replenish makeup and press it on the part that needs to be replenished. Powder and loose powder can be used for oily skin, and air cushion makeup is recommended for dry skin.

It is recommended to do a good job of setting makeup

If the face is prone to oil after makeup, it is recommended to do a good job of setting makeup after the base makeup is completed. Oily skin is particularly prone to makeup removal and oil production in summer. It is recommended to use a large amount of loose powder to spread on the easy-to-remove part, and sweep it away after ten minutes. This baking and setting method can reduce the phenomenon of oil removal and makeup removal to the greatest extent.

It is recommended to use oil-controlled cosmetics

Girls who are prone to oil production on their faces after makeup are recommended to choose products that are more oil-controlled when choosing cosmetics. For example, base makeup products such as pre-makeup milk, foundation, powder, and loose powder can be selected with oil control effect.

Moisturizing care is recommended

Many girls will also choose skin care products with oil control effect on skin care products, but it is recommended to still choose skin care products with moisturizing and hydrating effect, try to make the facial water and oil balance and reduce the facial oil yield

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