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What is the number next to the weight of the scale?

The number next to the weight of the scale is the body mass index. First, the density of muscle and fat is quite different. The muscle density is 1.12, and the density of fat is 0.79 (relative to water). Muscle density is much higher than the density of fat. So, we can imagine that even if the same person has the same weight, if all the fat can be replaced with muscle, the body shape change of the same person will look quite huge.

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The solution to the number jumping on the scale?

1. The junction box is not well sealed. Excessive humidity in the box can cause digital jump instability. Open the junction box to observe whether there are water droplets or moisture. By drying or drying with a hair dryer, the fault can be eliminated. Replace the junction box if necessary.

2. When the sensor is damaged or drifts, it can also cause digital jump instability. Under normal circumstances, it can be replaced to solve the problem.

3. The power supply voltage is unstable. If a regulated power supply is not added, it will exceed the normal working voltage range of the meter, and there will be digital jump phenomenon. Therefore, it is best to configure a regulated power supply.

How to p the numbers on the scale?

Can’t p the numbers on the scale. Because the scale shows the numbers by measuring the weight of the human body, the numbers are closely related to the real weight of the person and cannot be changed by cheating or modification. If you need to lose weight, you can take a healthy diet and exercise style to control. Otherwise, it is meaningless to pursue the nothingness of the numbers. Extended content: Weight is not the only health indicator. You should also pay attention to the health status of parameters such as body fat rate, muscle rate, bone density, etc. At the same time, you should not pursue too much thinness, but a healthy and comfortable body shape.

Weight to fill in the standard format?

Weight format writing: 60kg, 60KG or 60kg. When writing the weight format, you need to pay attention to the number before and the unit after. It cannot be written in half Chinese and half English, such as: thousand g, etc. When writing, use kilograms as the unit, not grams or kilograms. Weight bodyweight is the body weight obtained by weighing naked or wearing work clothes of known weight. In traditional Chinese medicine, weight is the name of the disease. Body burnout is heavy. Su Wen’s “Yin and Yang Should Be Like the Great Theory”: Fifty years old, weight, ears and eyes are not deaf. Weight gain is not only closely related to the growth of bones, but also to the growth of muscles, fat, etc.

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