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What is the name of the water boiled out of rice?

The separation of water and rice is mainly divided into the separation of water and rice when it is just done and the separation of water and rice within a period of time after it is cooked. Different situations have different treatment methods. 1. If it is the separation of water and rice when it is just done, there are two possibilities:

skin care routine with rice water

1. Too much water, too little rice, and the colloid of rice after cooking is not enough to make the water thick, so the separation of water and rice occurs.

Solution: Put in a little rice properly and continue to cook until it is thick.

2. The rice is not cooked. When the rice is not cooked, does not expand, or expands less, it will cause the colloid in the rice to overflow too little, resulting in the separation of water and rice.

Solution: Boil the rice for a period of time until all the colloids in the rice are boiled out.

Second, if the water and rice are separated within a period of time after cooking, there are also two possibilities:

1. After standing for a period of time, the water and rice are separated. The main reason for this situation is also because there is less rice. After the porridge is cold, the colloid in the porridge will expand and contract with heat. The colloid shrinkage will lead to the separation of water and rice, and the precipitation will lead to the separation of water and rice.

Solution: Put in a little rice properly and continue to cook until it is thick.

If it precipitates, there is no way to solve it.

2. After stirring for a long time, water and rice will separate. Stirring for a long time will destroy the colloid of the rice, resulting in water and rice separation.

Solution: Do not stir for a long time after the porridge is done.

What’s the best way to improve the dark yellow complexion?

You can take more baths when your complexion is dark yellow

1. Women soaking in hot baths can circulate the blood of the body, promote the excretion of toxins, and drive away the dull skin. If you add some essential oils and bath salts to the water when taking a bath, the effect will be more effective. You can take a beautiful hot bath in advance before a date in the evening to ensure that the other party’s eyes are brightened.

2, exercise more

Exercise is the best skin care method for women. Women can make the blood of the body boil through exercise, and sweat while burning body fat, and the toxins in the body will be excreted. So women must pay attention to exercise in their daily lives, so that their face can look rosier than before. Women who are unwilling to exercise outdoors can do aerobic exercise indoors.

3. For women with a dull complexion before going to bed, it is recommended to do a good job of skin care before going to bed. You can choose to apply a red wine mask to your face to make your skin look more moisturized and no longer dull. You can pour red wine directly on the mask paper, then apply the mask to your face, and then tear it off after 5 minutes. Do this red wine mask every night, I believe you will see amazing results.

4, insist on napping

Studies show that insisting on napping has great benefits for women’s skin. Napping can make women’s body and mind get a good way, and blood circulation will tend to normal. This can make your skin no longer dark yellow, but become more and more rosy.

In addition to the above 4 methods to condition the dark yellow face, in life we can also wash our face with white vinegar, apply pearl powder to our face, etc. These methods have a good effect on improving the yellowing of the face. In life, we should also pay attention not to stay up late, ensure eight hours of sleep a day, and eat a balanced diet. In the long run, you will soon get rid of the title of yellow-faced woman

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