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What is the name of Michael Jackson’s female model?

In Michael Jackson’s music video “IntheCloset”, the female model he collaborated with is ** Naomi Campbell **.

what is naomi campbells skin care routine

Top 10 Top Models in South Africa?

Modeling is a very distant career for ordinary people. It may have unknown sadness under their bright appearance, but it is enough for us to see their charm.

NO. 1: Adriana Lima

NO. 2: Giselle Bundchen

NO. 3: Miranda Kerr

NO. 4: Candice Swanepoel

NO. 5: Heidi Klum

NO. 6: Alexander Ambrosio

NO. 7: Naomi Campbell

NO. 8: Buck Raffaley

NO. 9: Lily Aldrich

NO. 10: Rosie Huntington Whitley

Who are the eight models in South Africa?

They are as follows:

NO. 1: Adriana Lima,

NO. 2: Gisele Bundchen,

NO. 3: Miranda Kerr,

NO. 4: Candice Swanepoel,

NO. 5: Heidi Klum,

NO. 6: Alexandria Ambrosio,

NO. 7: Naomi Campbell,

NO. 8: Bal Lepharry.

Who is the model dancing with Michael?

Dancing with Michael is supermodel Naomi Campbell.

She entered the BarbaraSpeakeStageSchool at the age of three and was accepted by the Conti Academy of Dramatic Arts in Italy at the age of ten to study ballet.

Acting Experience

1. Naomi Campbell, December 1987 – Became the first black person to appear on the cover of British Vogue and Time.

2. Film “Quest for Fire”.

3. Guest on the TV show “The Cosby Family”.

4. Co-production with Michael Jackson of “IntheCloset” directed by HerbRitts.

5. Played a singer in the film “CoolasIce”.

6. Mike’s TV show “Freedom”.

7. Films “Miami Rhapsody”, “Unzipped”, “GirlSix”, “Invasion of Privacy”.

8. Appeared in a commercial for Lay Fries with supermodels Kathy Ireland and Vendela.

9. TopModel Magazine issued a special issue for her.

10. She was fired as a PETA model by the “Humane Treatment of Animals” Committee (PETA) for wearing fur at a fashion show in Milan. This is not the first time she has made a mistake. The last time she was condemned as ignorant for wearing fur.

11. Co-authored the novel “Swan”.

12. Debut music album “Little Women”. And published a fashion book.

13. Had a romance with Italian producer Luca Orlandi, and her current boyfriend is Joaquin Cortes.

14. She has endorsed many brands, including Codice, Iceberg, Kenar, Nars, OlympusCameras, Prada, Pupa, Ralph Lauren, Revlon, SwishJeans, Valentino, Versace, etc.

15. Naomi was the first black model to appear on the cover of Time magazine and the first black model to appear on Vogue UK.

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