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What is the most fragrant thing for a baby to apply to his face in winter?

It is best to choose gentle, non-irritating and moisturizing skin care products for a baby to apply to his face in winter. Excessive fragrance may irritate the baby’s respiratory tract, so it is not recommended to choose skin care products with excessive fragrance. You can choose some natural, no-added skin care products, such as olive oil, camellia oil, etc. These skin care products are rich in natural antioxidants and vitamins, which can moisturize the baby’s skin and improve skin resistance. In addition, before using any skin care products, it is recommended to conduct a skin allergy test to confirm that there is no allergic reaction before using them.

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Do babies need moisturizer in winter?

Newborns need to use moisturizer in winter. However, the simpler the body lotion ingredients for babies, the better. Try to choose products with simple ingredients, no fragrance, alcohol, no irritation, and good protection of skin moisture balance to reduce irritation to baby’s skin.

And when buying baby body lotion, you must first choose professional products. Products from manufacturers that are not professional and regular baby skin care products are likely to contain adult products. It is best not to buy

What skin care products should be applied to the face of a 5-month-old baby in winter?

In daily life, when winter comes, regarding the application of skin care products for babies, you can choose hormone-free, non-irritating, and odor-free skin care products for children. You can go to regular specialty stores or regular supermarkets to choose children-specific skin care products. Major brands of children-specific skin care products are relatively safe. When babies play outdoors in winter, applying skin care products can effectively prevent dry and cracked skin and protect the skin.

Usually in daily life, when children play outdoors in winter, they must pay more attention to keeping warm, wear good clothes, and prevent cold. Avoid playing too intensely, which can prevent the baby from sweating, prevent the child from catching a cold, and prevent colds.

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