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What is the most famous cosmetic formula in India?

Indians prefer to use cow urine for skin care

pre wedding skin care routine india

What brand is horest?

Skin care brand

Forest is a skin care brand in India

The more famous products are Forest Essence and 24k Gold Cream 1. Forest was originally named forestessentialluxuryayurveda (Forest Essence, luxury Ayurvedic skin care products), but the name sounds very round2

What level of Indian skin care products?

Pretty good

Kame is a high-end brand in India. Its most powerful product is the hair growth series. Kame started with hair growth products and is very famous on YouTube. Ayurveda is Sanskrit, which means Ayurveda.

Kame is not only a good hair growth series, but also a skin care series that can be called a national treasure brand in India. It uses Ayurveda formula and loves its facial essential oils.

What cosmetics do you buy in India?

First, Lakme is the top makeup brand in India and belongs to Unilever. It is a beauty expert for Indian women.

Second, Coloressence

Coloressence is a NaturesEssence brand with a wide range of cosmetics. The pigments used by Coloressence are of high quality and imported from Germany. It is one of the fastest growing cosmetic companies in India. The company’s product range includes many face, eye, lip and other cosmetics.

Third, VLCC

VLCC provides personal care for beauty products. Products include many skin care, hair care, body care, body firming and shaping, foot care products, as well as skin care products that support a wide variety of skin.

What brand is kemistry?

Kemistry is an Indian brand

JuicyChemistry, the official website store of Indian natural skin care brands, is a consumer brand of the same name.

JuicyChemistry develops, sells and sells more than 100 skin care products, including cleansers, toners, moisturizers and oils.

JuicyChemistry has more than one hundred products certified by ECOCERT (France) to meet the strict and uncompromising COSMOSV3 standards.

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