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What is the medical insurance reimbursement ratio for incubators for low-weight children?

1: Cost of neonatal incubator: Under normal circumstances, whether you participate in the resident medical insurance or the new rural medical insurance reimbursement ratio will not exceed 70%, most of them are between 50% and 60%, the specific or need to be based on the local shall prevail;

insurance reimbursement for weight management

2: Newborn general outpatient clinic: Generally speaking, the outpatient medical expenses under 300 yuan, the reimbursement ratio is 40%, if it exceeds 300 yuan, then the excess part needs to be paid by yourself;

3: Outpatient expenses for major diseases: such as hemophilia, lupus erythematosus and other major diseases, the proportion of medical reimbursement is 75%;

4: Inpatient expenses: Newborn hospitalization expenses are based on the level of different hospitals and the minimum payment standard for hospitalization Different, the proportion of reimbursement is also different, generally about 80% can be reimbursed.

How much can the medical insurance cover for living in an incubator?

The general medical insurance reimbursement is about 65%.

Generally, babies who need to live in an incubator have special circumstances, such as premature infants, low-weight infants or critically ill infants, etc., which are within the scope of reimbursement, but the reimbursement ratio is different due to different situations such as geography and medication scope; the most important point is that whether the baby is self-insured or enjoys medical insurance with his parents, it is best to complete the reimbursement procedures within three months after his birth.

Is dagliflozin covered by medical insurance?

Dagliflozin has not yet entered the scope of medical insurance reimbursement, not Class A, but Class C. However, the sugar-lowering effect and weight loss effect are still acceptable, and it is estimated that it will enter the medical insurance Class B next year.

If the economy is okay, you can also use this drug at your own expense. In addition, there is a kidney-protecting effect, urinary protein

How much does the rural cooperative medical care pay for the bracket?

Cooperative medical care generally does not exceed 20,000.

Adjust the new rural cooperative medical care policy, include the bracket and pacemaker into the scope of compensation for the new rural cooperative medical care, and implement compensation at a ratio of 30%, with a maximum compensation of 20,000 yuan per person per year. After the bracket and pacemaker are included in the scope of compensation for the new rural cooperative medical system, most patients can also meet the compensation standard for civil assistance. After receiving the compensation for the new rural cooperative medical system, they can apply for civil assistance compensation to further reduce the burden on the sick family.

After the insured is discharged from the hospital, the hospitalization invoice, discharge record, fee list, referral certificate and a copy of his ID card or household registration certificate signed or stamped by the patient himself will be submitted to the township joint management office, and after review, it will be sent to the municipal rural insurance business management center in a centralized and unified manner.

All inpatients who participate in cooperative medical care should report medical expenses of more than 5,000 yuan in one time or throughout the year, that is, 65% of the compensation of 501-10,000 yuan and 70% of the compensation of 1,001-18,000 yuan. Town-level cooperative medical inpatient and uremia outpatient hemodialysis, tumor outpatient radiotherapy and chemotherapy compensation annual limit of 10,000 yuan.

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