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What is the maximum weight of a plate scale?

The maximum weight of a plate scale depends on the size and quality of the scale. Usually, a small plate scale can weigh items of 2 to 5 kilograms, while a large commercial plate scale can weigh items of tens to hundreds of kilograms. Of course, some high-end plate scales are able to achieve higher accuracy and maximum range. Therefore, when purchasing a plate scale, consumers should choose the most suitable model according to their own needs. Overall, a plate scale is a common weighing device that can meet the needs of different scenarios and uses.

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How to remove the weight of a plate by weighing cookies with an electronic scale?

Press the peel button.

The peeling device of an electronic scale can be divided into a tare-adding device (the weighing range that does not change the net weight) and a tare-deducting device (the weighing range that reduces the net weight) according to the weighing range. The peeling function can be divided into a semi-automatic or automatic peeling device (docked manually or able to automatically peel without manual) and a non-automatic peeling device. However, electronic scales are generally designed with an automatic peeling device, so many electronic scales have peeling buttons.

How much does a plate weigh?

A porcelain plate weighs 80g. The porcelain plate is a common daily utensils. Its basic types are open, shallow belly, flat bottom, high foot or ring foot. Porcelain plates are common daily utensils, and their basic types are open, shallow belly, flat bottom, high foot or ring foot. According to its function, it can be divided into fruit plates, soup plates, trays, etc.; according to its shape, it can be divided into sunflower plates and flower mouth plates.

Original celadon and celadon plates were produced in the Northern and Southern Dynasties. At this time, the porcelain plates were not tightly combined with the placenta glaze, so the glaze fell off a lot.

How many catties does the plate scale look like?

In the round plate above the scale, the weight has been marked, and the pointer is as much as it points.

Disc weighing is mostly a mechanical scale. There is a disc above the scale, which is marked with a scale of weight. For example, one kilogram and two kilograms, there will be ten small squares between each kilogram. Each small grid represents 100 grams. When weighing the weight of an item, the pointer will point to the scale where the weight is located, which is clear at a glance.

How to adjust the electronic scale more and less?

How to adjust the electronic scale more and less:

7 ways to adjust the electronic scale less:

[1] Do not “set zero”

After weighing the goods, the electronic scale does not return to zero. When the merchant weighs the next item, the electronic scale shows that it is cumulative, so the result of the second weighing is the sum of the previous weight.

[2] Sell goods with a tray

Sell goods with a tray. The electronic scale shows zero when there is no object (that is, an empty scale), but the merchant weighs the plate and the goods together, so that the weight of the weighing plate is calculated on the weighing of the goods, so you should pay more.

[3] Stealing beams and changing columns

The merchant will prepare two weighing plates. When consumers buy goods, they put the goods on a lighter weighing plate. When weighing, the merchant will put another heavier weighing plate on the scale together with the goods, so that the weight difference between the weighing plates is converted into the amount of the goods and added to the consumer’s account.

[4] “Base” Storage

The electronic scale should be displayed as zero when it is not weighed (the empty scale is zero). The merchant’s cheating method is to store a certain number of bases in the number of the electronic scale showing the weight before the product is weighed. The base the weight of the purchased product will increase the weight of the entire scale. Careless consumers generally do not pay attention.

[5] Gravity Impact

When the merchant weighs the product, he throws the product heavily into the weighing plate, uses the inertial impact force to make the electronic value display artificially increase in an instant, and then immediately picks up the item. Consumers do not pay attention. The merchant says that it is multiple.

[6] Quick operation

During settlement, by quickly operating the buttons, secretly add a few zeros to the weight or unit price and then multiply them, so that the final calculated total gold weight increases.

[7] Vision occlusion

Vendors deliberately pile up debris in front of the electronic screen, and ordinary consumers will not read the subtitles carefully, so the vendors can play tricks at will.

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