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What is the logo of the NBA star “Nash”?

Nash, Son of the Wind, one of the favorite players of the year, he has many characteristics.

nash county health department weight management

1, The way of dribbling is very interesting, the sense of rhythm is strong, I feel that Liu Wei of the national team controlled the ball very much like Nash’s style, obviously learning Nash seriously, fast pace, low center of gravity, fast start, large in disguise, and good vision. Nash can be said to have influenced a generation in this regard.

2, flowing long hair, swinging and swinging, I don’t know if it will be thrown into the eyes of the defender…

Passing, unpredictable master performance, watching his game is really enjoyable.

3, breaking through the layup, Nash’s weight is not large, his figure is not high, and his ability to fight is weak, but the offensive end can always take advantage of the rhythm change, find the defensive space to drill in and out, especially when the layup will take the initiative to rely on the defender to find a confrontation, and the collision in the air can always control the balance and score a difficult layup. This is very rare. Chen Jianghua, who was extremely fast in the national team back then, always couldn’t control the rhythm and couldn’t stop the car when he ran. If only he could master Nash’s three success forces in breaking through the layup technique, the Chinese team would have killed Spain long ago.

4, three-point shooting, Nash’s passing is so good that people ignore his historical three-point performance, let’s take a look at the data: Nash has made 1,685 three-point shots in his career, shooting a high percentage of 42. 8%, his three-point shots are extremely fast, often start suddenly when the opponent is inadvertently, and the shooting rate is extremely high. Now Curry has learned and played his characteristics to the extreme.

5, small quirks, Nash’s most fun quirk is the free throw. Before the free throw, you have to comb your hair back with your hands, touch the soles of your shoes, and then stick your tongue and lick your fingers. You have to do a full set of actions every time, and the order cannot be changed. In an interview later, he said that there is no special reason, but it can give me psychological hints and make me relax.

It can be said that these are Nash’s hallmarks, distinct and unique!

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