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What is the level of Indian skin care products?

Pretty good

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Kame This brand belongs to the high-end brand in India. Its most powerful product is the hair growth series. Kame started with hair growth products and is very famous on YouTube. Ayurveda is Sanskrit, which means Ayurveda.

Kame is not only a good hair growth series, but also a skin care series that can be called a national treasure brand in India. It uses Ayurveda formula and loves its facial essential oils.

What is the best skin care product in India?

There are many excellent products and brands in the skin care market in India. Among them, Himalaya is a very popular brand, and its product line covers a wide range of fields from medicine, personal care, health care products to baby care. Himalaya’s products are based on pure natural plants without adding chemical ingredients, which is deeply loved by consumers. For example, its cream products are specially designed for skin aging, dark yellow, sensitive and rough, etc., which are well received by users. In addition, ForestEssentials is also a well-respected Indian skin care brand. It inherits the classic formula of Indian Ayurveda. The whole range of products uses pure natural ingredients without adding any artificial preservatives, artificial flavors and chemical ingredients. Its star products such as red date lychee firming and moisturizing cream are praised for their powerful anti-aging and skin-repairing effects. In general, the choice of skin care products needs to be determined according to the individual skin type and needs. The above two brands are the leaders in the Indian skin care product market and are worth a try.

What is used for face washing in India?

Essential oil soap

Indian “Emerald” handmade essential oil soap can not only effectively clean the skin, but also has a good skin care effect. It retains the vegetable oil in the raw materials of handmade soap to a large extent, and the natural vitamins and nutrients of other added species.

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