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What is the Gongzi Family?

Gongzi Family

loreal paris skin care routine

Gongzi Family, the English name is PRUMBOY, is a fashion brand founded by Gerge Shawn, a descendant of the German aristocracy, in 1953. It is an international brand that interprets the essence of life with intellectual beauty and advocates fashionable leisure life. It should be the top brand of L’Oreal Paris: HR (Helena) is the flagship product. Second-line products: Lancome (Lancome), Biotherm (Biotherm). Third-line or below products: LOrealParis (L’Oreal Paris), kiehls (Cheer’s), Sir Beauty, Garnier (Garnier), Yu Sai, Little Nurse, INNEOV, TheBodyShop (Body Shop).

Which brand of L’Oreal?

is a French cosmetics brand

L’Oréal Group is the largest cosmetics group in the world today, founded in 1907, and now L’Oréal Group

The two largest shareholders are Madame Bettencourt, the only daughter of the founder of the L’Oréal brand, and Nestle Group. Its brands are distinguished according to their positioning:

Top brands: HR (Helena) is the flagship product

Second-line products: Lancome (Lancome), Biotherm (Biotherm)

Third-line or below products: LOrealParis (L’Oréal), kiehls (Cheer’s), Sir Beauty, Garnier (Garnier), Yu Sai, Little Nurse, INNEOV.

L’Oreal Men’s Jinneng Eye Condensation, how to use it, do I need to wipe my eyelids when I am 20 years old?

Dear user, hello!

L’Oreal Men’s Jinneng Ice Ball Eye Condensation: Instantly cool touch, dilute bags and dark circles under the eyes, and show bright eyes! Every morning, a simple action, effective care ingredients are matched with ice balls to massage the eye area to help restore the expression of both eyes, feeling like a good night’s sleep.

http://www.lorealparis.com. cn/skincare/men/hydra-energetic/Hydra-Energetic-Eye-Roll-On. Aspx

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