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What is the function of skin care?

Essence is the best in skin care products. It extracts high nutrients and concentrates them, and the molecules of the essence are very, very small, which can penetrate into the bottom layer of the skin. Therefore, it is the essence that can really improve skin problems. The toners and lotions we usually use will only penetrate into the superficial layer, which can only protect and moisturize the healthy state of the skin.

benefits of having skin care routine

Men and women, after the age of 25, the nutrients that the skin should have will begin to enter the loss brigade. Collagen is gone, hyaluronic acid is gone, EGF is gone, and the skin begins to rapidly enter the aging period. If you don’t use essence, the aging speed will be faster. Therefore, the use of essence is to help the skin retain the nutrients that should be retained, provide the nutrients that should be provided, lock the locked nutrients, regenerate the regenerated nutrients, stagnate the skin’s age, and delay aging. Here at Amway, the essence of the anti-time blue copper peptide series belongs to the affordable essence, but because it contains the star ingredient blue copper peptide, it has significant skin repair and anti-aging functions. I have used it for 3 months and feel that my skin has improved significantly.

There are a lot of skin care products at home, and I can’t use them up. Can they have any other effects?

I have purchased too many skin care products, and sometimes I can’t use them up, and I am afraid of expiring. What else can I use them for?

1. Can be used for body lotion

2. Unopened ones can be packaged and given to relatives and friends

3. It is a pity that they are lost after being opened and not used up. You can apply them

to the care of your own leather bag and the leather care of the leather seat sofa. It will be bright and not easy to crack. It is because our leather bags, seats, sofas, etc. are also animal leather products, so the application and absorption of skin care products may actually play a nourishing role and effect! Then the excess skin care products can be used!

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