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What is the exact height and weight of Boulder Johnson?

Height 195cm, weight 118kg

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Dwayne Johnson (dwaynejohnson), born on May 2, 1972 in Hayward City, California, American actor and professional wrestler, nicknamed Boulder Johnson.

Is the Hayward 4 suitable for small weight?

The Hayward 4 is not suitable for small weight people. 1. First of all, the Hayward 4 is a basketball shoe. Its design focus is on protecting the feet and providing support. For light weight people, it does not need too much support and protection. Wearing the Hayward 4 may feel too bulky. 2. Secondly, the price of Hayward 4 is higher. For people with lighter weight, it is not worth investing such a price to buy basketball shoes. You can choose shoes with lower prices. 3. Extension: For people with small weight, you can choose some more lightweight basketball shoes, such as AirJordan series, Adidas Harden, etc., which are more suitable for people with small weight.

What position is Hayward suitable for?

Hayward is suitable for small forward and power forward positions. Because Hayward is very comprehensive in terms of physical fitness and technology, he can be competent for tasks in multiple positions. As a small forward, he can use his speed and flexibility to cut shots or break points, and he can also chase fast breaks on the defensive end. As a power forward, he can hold the ball from the outside to organize the attack, use his height and strength to score at the basket, and be able to take on the task of the opponent’s heavyweight player on the defensive end. At the same time, Hayward is also capable of playing some guard positions, providing the team with more options in fast break and organizational offense. Therefore, even if the team needs Hayward to play an important role in the small forward or power forward position, he can also play in different positions at different times of the game.

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