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What is the difference between Weishi cat food blue and green?

In Weishi’s official Taobao flagship store, you will find 3 types of cat food: according to sales volume:

blue weight management cat food

1, blue adult cat food,

2, red kitten food,

3, green fish food,

The order means that the quality is getting worse and worse, which will be analyzed later. Although the advertisements are overwhelming, the official Taobao store’s test report does not have the most critical nutritional data. It is difficult to find a test data as follows:

Whether it is the promised value or the test value, Weishi is only the level of mid-range food.

1. Analysis of the reasons for the high ash content. Another problem in this data is that the ash content is a bit high. Although it does not exceed the standard, good cat food can generally be controlled within 8%.

There are generally two possibilities for high ash content:

1. Meat is used more, so the protein content of this type of cat food will also be very high, at least more than 40%.

2. The materials used are very poor, such as inferior protein ingredients such as bone meal.

This is generally the case for cat food with low protein content but high ash content.

In short, looking at the nutritional data, Weishi’s adult cats and kittens are mid-range cat food, and green fish are low-end cat food.

In addition, it should be noted that kittens have a lower fat commitment value than adult cats, which means that kitten food is worse than adult cat food, so if you have to buy Weishi, you can only buy blue adult cat food, and the price is not much different.

In fact, the ingredients for kittens are also much worse.

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