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What is the difference between weigh and weighs?

weigh is a verb, measure, weight, weight is a noun, weight, weight. weighs [English] [we?] [US] [we?] (1) vt. Weigh the weight of…; weigh, consider; weigh by hand; weigh; weigh; weigh; weigh;? vi. Have importance; weight is; lift anchor; become the weight of…;? n.

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Weigh; weigh;? (2) Third person singular: weighs, present continuous tense: weighing Past tense: weighed, past participle: weighed, related words: Weigh. (3) Application: Hemustweigh25pounds.

? He should weigh 25 pounds.??? [ English] [we? t] [beautiful] [wet] (1) n. weight, weight; burden, burden; important; [system] weight, weight, weight;? vt. to weigh, to make heavy; to weigh, to burden or oppress; [system] to make weighted, to add weight to;? (2) Third person singular: weights, plural: weights; present continuous tense: weighting, past tense: weighted, related words: Weight.

(3) Application: Yourweightisfine.?? Your weight is just right.

Please describe the difference between duweigh and weight?

Weight and hight are nouns for weigh and high, respectively. Weigh is a verb and weight is a noun. Weigh 50kg, use weight, but you need to weigh before you know 50kg.


1. The basic meaning of Weigh as a verb is “weigh the weight of…”.

CaoChongthoughtofawaytoweightheelephant. Cao Chong came up with a way to weigh an elephant.

Canyouweighthisletterformeplease? Can you help me weigh this letter?

2. Weigh extension can mean “carefully consider the relative value or importance of something, etc.”, that is, “weigh” “consider”, as a transitive verb.

Heweighedtheideasinhismind. He weighed these ideas in his mind.

Hehastoweighhiswordswhenhetalkstoher. He had to be careful what he said to her.

3. Weigh can also mean that something sentimental, fearful, or worried puts pressure on the mind or spirit, causing people to feel annoyed or sad.

Fixed phrase weighon means “to weigh on; to trouble”.

Thewealthdidnotweighonme. This wealth no longer weighs me down.

Didn’t’tthenurse ‘saccidentweighonheratall? Didn’t the nurse’s accident trouble her?


1. Weight as a noun basically means “weight, weight” and is an uncountable noun.

Hegainedsomeweightrecently. Recently, he has gained weight.

2. Weights

Heplacedtwoweightsinthescalepan. He placed two weights on the scale.

3. Weight is also an uncountable noun when it means “importance, severity, or influence.”


We have learned that each subject is almost as important.

4. Weight can be extended to mean “load, burden” and when it means this, it is usually only used in the singular.

Thelossofthemoneyhasbeenaweightonmymind. Losing money always weighs on my mind.

5. In general, weight is used more often as a noun. If it is used as a verb, it means

toaddto; makeheavyorheavier (to make… heavy, add weight to); it can also mean

Tocausetohaveaslantorbias (to tilt: to have a slope or bias).

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