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What is the difference between the Unix 100zzbp version and 100zz?

The Unix 100zzbp version is lighter than 100zz. Because the Unix 100zzbp version is marked as “lightweight version” on the e-commerce platform, and the model also mentions its lightweight as one of the advantages of this model in the introduction of the official website. The 100zz is not marked as a lightweight version, and the official website does not make special instructions on the weight of this model. According to comparison, the weight of the 100zzbp version is about 270 grams, while the weight of the 100zz is about 280 grams, which shows that the bp version is lighter than the 100zz. In addition, the color matching and design of the Unix 100zzbp version are also slightly different from the 100zz.

bp weight management

How heavy is the Prado Bp crossing bar?


Weight is about 10kg. Bumper original and sub-factory identification:

LOGO or original label.

From the paint and quality, it is difficult to tell whether the bumper is original or sub-factory.

The color is not easy to distinguish, and it is beyond the ability range, so it is good to check the original label directly.

The bumper is located in most areas of the front and rear of the car. It mainly absorbs and mitigates external impact, and acts as a safety device to protect the front and rear of the body.

bp4l battery specifications, dimensions, and weight~?

The original should not have been released, but the Hongyi business battery BP-4L (1480mAh) is 32.44g, and the NOKIA original battery (under the same capacity) is generally lighter than the compatible brand battery (mainly because the energy density ratio of the battery cell is better, and it is more willing to reduce the weight on the shell and other materials to improve the user experience, such as the IPHONE screen is very light, because it accounts for a large part of the weight of the whole machine). You can get a lot of lithium battery/polymer battery test reports on the “Pi Technology” website, which will have the weight of the battery.

bp gas tank specifications?

5kg gas tank: The weight of the uninflated cylinder is 6. 2Kg, the total weight of the cylinder after inflation is (11.2 ± 0.5) kg, and the filling amount of liquefied gas is 4.3-4.8kg. 2. 15kg gas tank: The weight of the uninflated cylinder is 16.5kg, the total weight of the inflated cylinder is (31 ± 0.5) kg, and the filling amount of liquefied gas is 14-15kg. 3. 50kg gas tank: The weight of the uninflated cylinder is 46kg, the total weight of the inflated cylinder is (95.5 ± 0.5) kg, and the filling amount of liquefied gas is 49-50kg.

Household gas tank size is generally 15kg SP35. Type 5 liquefied petroleum gas cylinder filling medium liquefied petroleum gas, hydraulic test pressure (MPa) 3. 2 Inner product (L) ≥ 35.5 Overall dimensions (outer diameter × height) (mm) Bottle weight (kg) 320 × 680.

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