Weight management

What is the difference between slender and slim?

The difference is that the meaning of both is the same when the table is slim. Other specific differences are as follows

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slender, adj.

Slim; slender; thin; narrow; inadequate;

Example sentences


A slender woman appears at the top of the stairs.

slim, adj.

Slim; slender; thin; meager; inadequate; less; small;


(by dieting, etc.) to become slim and lose weight;

Expand the meaning

Example sentences


She maintains a slim figure and has no wrinkles on her face.

What are the English words for weight loss?

toreduceweight; toloseweight; tocutdownone ‘sweight; towearoffthefat; toworkoffsurplusfat; toslim

slimming or weightreduction (reducingweight)

slimming is to lose weight, to be slim,

weightreduction does not only refer to losing weight, but to really lose weight

What does loseweight mean?

Chinese Definition: Verb to lose weight, lose weight Synonyms: meltoff, reduce, slenderize, slim, slimdown, thin. Opposites: gain, puton. Similar words losev. [T]

1. To lose; to lose v. [T, I] 1. To lose, to fail

2. To waste

3. (due to accident, old age, death, etc.) to lose, to lose, to lose

4. To be taken away

5. To be forced to give up; to lose

6. To reduce; to decrease; to gradually lose

7. To lose (something needed, especially money)

8. To confuse; to make incomprehensible

9. To evade; to escape

10. To be defeated; to lose (a match, proceeding, debate, etc.)

11. (To cause) to lose (something needed, especially money)

12. To waste (time); to miss weightn. 1. Weight, weight 2. Weight, weight 3. Weight 4. Load, burden 5. Importance; severity; influence v. [T] 1. To make… heavier 2. To favor Weightn. Weight, weight, weight, weight, weight, significant, influence, strength, power vt. Add weight to, oppress, make weighted last-one-lose [count] The last one loses row-weightn. (missile’s) payload; payload

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